May 26, 2015

The Un-Job Fair 2015!

The Un-Job Fair 2015! The Un-Job Fair 2015!

Steve Veltkamp–the Biz Whiz!!

Steve Veltkamp–the Biz Whiz!! Steve Veltkamp--the Biz Whiz!!

Denver adult education classes, workshops, & seminars

Colorado Free University offers a wide array of adult education classes in the Denver metro area. Our programs include Spanish Lessons and Classes and other foreign language classes, CompuSkills computer training classes, as well as arts & crafts classes, dance classes, writing classes, career and business classes and seminars, classes in personal growth and development, performing arts workshops, special events, and much more.


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The Un-Job Fair 2015!

The Un-Job Fair 2015 is back this Saturday, May 30, 2015! The brain child of entrepreneurial guru Barbara Winter and CFU president Helen Hand, the Un-Job Fair has been the most popular event at CFU for 5 years running. While there is enormous freedom and opportunity in taking the leap into self-employment, it is also […]

Emmy nominated writer, producer, and cartoonist Seven Fischer. Photo by Robert Tolchin

3 Essential Habits for Increasing Creativity by Steven Fischer

Creativity is a natural part of being human. As the educator Ken Robinson notes, it’s not an ability a person has or doesn’t have. It’s inherent; it’s just a matter of understanding how the creative process works and exercising it each day. The idea generator inside of us can grow strong and healthy if we […]

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Maintain Your Privacy in the Digital Age

Privacy is a growing concern in our digital age.  Would you pay an extra $29 to your Internet provider so that they would promise NOT to snoop in on your web surfing? That’s exactly what AT&T is doing to their customers that sign up for their new Gigabit service. (Search for “Wall Street Journal AT&T […]

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Joan Janis–Speaking of Being on the Spot….

Speaking of Being on the Spot…. by Joan Janis I was in church recently, when the pastor gave out kudos to the brunch team for their fine job.  He began with my friend Virginia, since she was closest to the front, saying how wonderful she was.  As if he had it planned, he walked right […]


The Un-Job Fair is coming!

CFU’s Un-Job Fair: Strategies and Opportunities for Successful Self-employment is our signature event.  It represents much of what CFU is all about:  building community, supporting the “little guy”, and creating opportunities for people to change their lives.  The Un-Job Fair is not a traditional employment fair, but a day of presentations and break-out sessions for […]