March 2, 2015

Cheryl Bartlett Brings Out Your Best


Cheryl Bartlett is an inspirational teacher and life coach.  She is a graduate of the world-renowned Mastery University and Leadership Academy by Anthony Robbins where she learned from top work achievers such as General Norman Scwarzkopf, Donald Trump, Jay Abraham, and others. She offers a number of opportunities to take a new course in your […]

Develop Your Writing Skills


Explore your writing aspirations–or just brush up on basic skills–with several upcoming Denver writing classes. There are topics for the beginner, the business person, the curious, or the more committed and aspiring author. If you’re ready to get going with your creative writing, this 4-week course in Beginning Creative Writing, beginning Saturday 2/21/15,is the place […]

Entrepreneurial Dreams? Barbara Winter Will Champion Your Passions!


If you read Barbara Winter’s best-selling book, Making a Living Without a Job, or visit her website and blog, you will quickly see that two of her least favorite words are “can’t” and “shouldn’t.” She frequently reminds us that the entrepreneurial spirit is all about exorcising those two words from your vocabulary and instead, trusting […]

The Keys to Digital Marketing


CFU has the keys to digital marketing.  Learn to use the platforms and create effective social media campaigns.  Learn to work the web, and do it in class with real live instructors who can answer your questions and with other, real live students, who can share their challenges and insights. 2/21/15–Digital Marketing Overview 2/28/15–Digital Marketing […]