August 21, 2017

Join the Joyfully Jobless Weekend: Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter wrote the book on self-employment. Literally. Making a Living Without a Job has inspired people all over the work to take the leap and become their own bosses. She has created the “Joyfully Jobless Weekend” to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together to get tools, information and inspiration for succeeding in business. The weekend is […]

Classes for Self Discovery

CFU offers many classes to open new doorways for you to self discovery and spiritual growth. The following classes can be great ways to try out new practices and meet like-minded explorers.8/12/17–5 Steps to Discover Your Life’s Purpose: Live a Passionate Life Living out of sync with your life purpose drains and depletes you. Discover […]

Workshop with Peter J. Hughes

Peter J. Hughes-professional muse, is a master change facilitator, with seventeen years of vibe-alignment training and facilitating experience to his credit.  Peter is a gifted change facilitator and intuitive.  CFU is honored to bring his special perspective and unique skills for helping people give bring forward heir own creative potential. Take the opportunity to experience […]

Get a Handle on Social Media–and Get Certified too!

Are you wondering where to begin to get a handle on social media? Things are always changing in the world of digital marketing. CFU created the social media certificate program for two reasons. One was to help small business owners evaluate the playing field and be able to make good choices about the social media […]