February 10, 2016

Cooking Classes for Everyone: Cooking Classes from All Around the Globe

You can get cooking with classes at CFU.  Our little kitchen might be on the funky side, but the awesome teachers and delicious foods that pass through are anything but plain.  Check out some upcoming opportunities to add new delights to your menu: 2/13/16 and 2/27/16–Easy Healthy Japanese Home Cooking.  Keiko “Kiki” Amend not only […]

Dr. Tasha Eurich Returns to CFU! Self-Awareness Workshop

Self-Awareness: Make Smarter Choices, Build Stronger Relationships and Live a Better Life Self-awareness, understanding yourself and how other people see you, is the meta-skill of the 21st century. There is strong scientific evidence that self-aware people are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. They raise more mature children. They’re superior students who are smarter […]

Art for Everyone: Art Classes at CFU

At CFU we have art for everyone with our art classes at CFU.  You can dip your toe into a variety of media.  Classes are small so that teachers can give lots of individual attention.  Our art classes are low key and noncompetitive–just a chance to explore your creativity without stress. 1/30/16–Herbal Soap-Making Workshop 1/31/16–Intuitive […]

Get Money Smart: CFU Financial & Investing Classes

This could be the year for you to get your financial house in order.  Money, investing, retirement planning can be overwhelming to think about.  The experienced professionals that teach CFU’s investing and financial classes can remove the mystery and empower you to be in charge of your own financial future. 2/6/16–Women & Wealth: It’s Different for Women […]

New Adult Education Classes: 2016

Adult Education Classes abound at CFU!  We’ve programmed almost 600 classes for adults in the first 3 months of 2016.  CFU is your place to learn new skills, enrich your life, explore a talent, or enhance your business.  Denver’s premier lifelong learning center, CFU has been offering quality, affordable adult education since 1987. We are […]