July 31, 2014

Local Historian Phil Goodstein Gives Great Denver Walking Tours!


Local historian Phil Goodstein has been giving walking tours of Denver neighborhoods, parks, and cemeteries for decades. Perhaps you’ve seen a bearded character leading a pack of fascinated people along the sidewalks of Capitol Hill or down Market street where the old brothels used to be. Phil really is a local treasure–his knowledge of Denver […]

Debra Fine Masters the Art of Conversation


Working as an engineer, Debra Fine, like many of her colleagues, dreaded meetings and would hide in the restroom to avoid having to interact. social events.  She realized that they were all missing out on opportunities to build relationships and increase success. She realized that there are specific skills that can be easily learned that […]

Snap Some Super Photos!


Summer is the time to snap some super photos and CFU can give you the tools. Our classes give you the skills and the practice you need to take and then enhance quality pictures. 7/20–Digital SLR Camera Quickstart–Learn to use the features of your SLR camera in this one afternoon class. Keith Maull of Picture […]

Social Media Marketing Classes–Fridays in Summer!

social media classes

Summer social media marketing classes are taking over on Fridays this summer! If you are working on a CFU digital marketing certificate , the Social Media Manager certificate, or just have a little flex time this summer to finally learn about Hootsuite (and it’s great, I tell ya!), we’ve asked all our digital marketing teachers […]