November 26, 2015

Get the Keys to a Powerful Memory

A powerful memory is critical in work, learning and relationships.  Maintaining a good memory is the antidote to aging.   Dave Farrow is the current Guinness world record holder for greatest memory. He successfully recalled every card in exact order of 59 randomly shuffled decks of cards (3,068 cards total). He has been featured on […]

Nonprofit Training & Development: Lynn O’Connell Workshops

One of our very favorite out-of-state teachers, Lynn O’Connell comes to Denver in December to teach her popular series of nonprofit administration classes. Her classes are not to be missed! Lynn is the director of Computer Core, a nonprofit in the DC area. Over the years, she has worked for several nonprofits, including a national […]

Getting Ready for the Holidays: The CFU Way

The bombardment has started.  The ads are coming, telling all the stuff you need to buy for the holidays.  At CFU we take a different approach.  We program classes that will enable you to decorate your home or give gifts in personal ways.  Take a look at some ideas: 11/21/15–Modern Floral Design  Learn contemporary techniques to […]