March 29, 2017

Benefits of The Stand-up Comedy Experience

News Flash!  The Feb. session of Survive the Open Mic will begin on Wed. Feb. 8.  Register now! 5 Reasons Why Stand-Up Comedy Will Help You (Even if you don’t want to be a comedian!) by Ken Cornell, CFU Instructor I have been watching, writing, analyzing and performing stand-up comedy for a long time. I […]

Relationship Communication: Talk So Others Might Listen

Enriching Relationships:  Wisdom in an Ancient Proverb Mike McCafferty An ancient proverb states, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” It sounds rather profound and seems to make perfect sense. If a student is unwilling to learn, no teacher can make them listen. With my own children particularly during their adolescent years, it was […]

Three Keys to Effective Workplace Communication by Wendy Hauser, DVM

Three key factors form the basis of effective communication in the workplace: Personality Preferences Our personalities are shaped by many causes, innate and environmental.  Understanding our personality preferences and how to recognize the personality preferences of others enhances the effectiveness and quality of our interactions.  When we recognize differences and change our approach based on […]

Cybersecurity for Your Business: Information No Business Person Should Overlook!

So you’re starting a business.  You’ve signed up for all the classes and are on track:  Business Plan – check; Marketing approach – check; Sales model – check.  But what’s missing? Do you understand how to protect your business information, keeping it confidential, maintaining its integrity, and always having it available?  Even if your business […]

10 Sources of Funding for Your Next (or First) Investment Property

10 Sources of Funding for Your Next (or First) Investment Property We all know that Denver’s Real Estate investment market is on fire.  Access to debt and equity in commercial real estate is critical to the development, acquisition, and operations of income properties.  There are two types of financial investors in multifamily; the debt provider […]

I’m Not a Salesperson: 5 Things You can Do to Change Your Mind, and Your Results

Say What?  I’m not a salesperson (and I don’t want to be one)”.  Here are the top 5 things you can do now, to change your mind and your results. Are you in sales?  Of course you are– we are all in sales.  Maybe you don’t realize it, or just don’t want to be.  But, think about […]

Extraordinary Elder: Joanna Hudson

Joanna Hudson is, herself, an extraordinary elder who teaches a class at CFU on that topic.  Joanna loves to tell stories, as you can see from her blog entry: “The stories I call “wisdom” stories are the ones that come down to us from ancestors to tell us how to live and hopefully how to […]

Meet the Eastburns: Hypnotherapy Instructors

CFU has had a long-standing relationship with the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis.  They have offered workshops and smoking cessation clinics through CFU for many years.  See what they currently offer. We’d like you to get to know the Eastburns. Drake and Lynsi Eastburn train students to confidently and skillfully practice the art of hypnosis, either […]

What Improv Can Teach You: Featuring Lainie Hodges

In her Empowered Women Circle blog post, “What Improv Can Teach You”, Annie Rose Stathes describes her friendship with CFU’s new improv teacher, Lainie Hodges, and the work she does with improvisation.  Lainie uses improv as a tool to help people show up in life as their most authentic selves.  Read the blog post here.  Learn […]

Eugenia Krok: This is Astrology

Psychotherapist and Astrologer, Eugenia Krok gives has a down-to-earth, user-friendly perspective on what is Astrology. “Out of nothingness, some idle Tuesday evening, a sperm enters an egg and your journey on this planet begins.  After roughly nine months, you then have the great courage to finally leave the womb, even if by force.  Then suddenly lights […]