March 29, 2017

Business Guru: Jennifer Croft

Before launching a business, you should find out if it has potential for success.  Jennifer Croft will show you a simple, ten-step evaluation process that will enable you to predict whether your business will succeed, how long it will take to break even, how much you’ll be able to pay yourself, and how you can improve your overall […]

Live Well & Prosper the Paul Mladjenovic Way!

This visit has been cancelled.  Look for Paul Mladjenovic to return in February or March of 2017. Perennial favorite visiting speaker Paul Mladjenovic returns November 4-6, 2016 with a great line-up of classes, including a couple of new offerings especially for investors. Paul Mladjenovic, CFP, is a national speaker, home business consultant and author of […]

Cybersecurity for Your Business: Information No Business Person Should Overlook!

So you’re starting a business.  You’ve signed up for all the classes and are on track:  Business Plan – check; Marketing approach – check; Sales model – check.  But what’s missing? Do you understand how to protect your business information, keeping it confidential, maintaining its integrity, and always having it available?  Even if your business […]

Boomers: This is for You!

Boomers–this is for you! A recent report by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement found that 8 in 10 boomers don’t know the amount of pre-retirement income they would feel comfortable living on into their golden years. Seven in 10 boomers surveyed said they “do not have or do not know” whether they’ll have the […]

Get Money Smart: CFU Financial & Investing Classes

The economy moves ahead in fits and spurts.  In this financial climate it’s important to be as informed as you can be.  The experienced professionals that teach CFU’s investing and financial classes give you information that can empower you to be in charge of your own financial future.  Learn to manage your money, decrease debt, make smart investments, […]

Small Business & Investing Seminars with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic comes to CFU this spring with his prosperity business and finance seminars.If you’ve ever met Paul at the UnJob Fair, you know what an amazing resource he is  for the small business owner/entrepreneur. You are probably already an expert at what you do. One of Paul’s most popular classes is teaching people how to […]

CFU spring course catalog is out! See the new classes now

See all the new classes in the CFU spring course catalog now.  Get a jump start on registering.  The new catalog will be available in racks around town soon and in your mailboxes within a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, you can browse through the flip book version to look at the full listing […]

New Adult Education Classes: 2016

Adult Education Classes abound at CFU!  We’ve programmed almost 600 classes for adults in the first 3 months of 2016.  CFU is your place to learn new skills, enrich your life, explore a talent, or enhance your business.  Denver’s premier lifelong learning center, CFU has been offering quality, affordable adult education since 1987. We are […]

Making Money from Thrifting: Saturday September 19

Do you love browsing thrift stores?  Then you know that there are a bounty of treasures within those funky shops.  This weekend is the last chance to take “Make Money from Trifting: Modern Day Treasure-Hunting” here at CFU.  This fun, action packed class starts in the classroom for a couple of hours where you’ll learn […]

Investing in Your Future: Classes to Make You Money Smart

  8/1/15–Women & Wealth: Take Charge of Your Financial Future  This seminar for women will enable you to gain a clear picture of your current financial situation; set realistic goals and objectives; understand different investment strategies to create a secure financial future. 8/15/15–Introduction to Real Estate Investing  Gain an overview on essentials of residential real estate investing, including […]