July 2, 2016

Welcome to the CFU Spanish Center!

The Colorado Free University Spanish Center offers a complete program of interactive Spanish classes, Spanish Immersion Days and Spanish classes at your location. The Spanish Center provides a challenging but supportive environment in helping our students achieve their language goals.

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Here are 5 excellent reasons to take classes with us!

  • Small classes sizes (3-12) allow for lots of teacher-student interaction.
  • We are a year-round program with classes in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, so it's easy to find a class to meet your schedule.
  • We offer high quality at bargain rates!
  • Students can almost always make up a missed class.
  • We specialize in motivating and teaching adults.

From the CFU Spanish Blog

Meet Our Spanish Teachers: Marisol Senecal Mariscal

Marisol moved to the US from Mexico City in 2002.  After two years in Minnesota she moved to Denver.  She loves sharing language and culture with students.  She has taught at Metropolitan State College, the Community College of Denver, and Windsor Gardens.  Currently she divides her teaching time between CFU and the Aurora Center for […]

Spanish Conversation classes at CFU

When you look through the CFU course catalog or browse on our website, you’ll see Level classes as well as Conversation classes.  It can be a bit confusing.   The Level classes (Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, etc.) teach grammar and vocabulary.  The Conversation classes consolidate your mastery of the grammar and vocabulary you […]

Summer Intensive Spanish Classes: Schedule Available Now

We have programmed the Summer Intensive Spanish Classes:  the schedule is available now. If you want to concentrate on your language acquisition, CFU’s Summer Intensive Spanish Courses are the way to go.  Come every morning for two weeks to study the language.  You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’re able to accomplish in these intensive […]

Spanish student gives us her feedback on Spanish classes at CFU

We are proud to share this feedback from a student about our CFU Spanish classes: “2016 marks the beginning of my second year in CFU Spanish classes, and I am, as always, impressed with the quality of teaching and materials offered.  In fact, I have told many others about CFU, and one of my coworkers […]

Spanish Classes for 2016 are available

See course listing for Spanish classes from January through April.  Browse our class listing to see the schedule of Spanish classes in Denver.  Onsite classes are available as well, so if you’d like to bring a Spanish class to your workplace, give us a call.  (303)399-0093 ext 0.

From the Colorado Free University Blog