January 23, 2018

Archives for January 2011

Gary Michael–Make Your Point

Learn to Communicate and Get Noticed Whether it is giving a presentation at work or convincing your teenager of the importance of coming home before curfew, being able to speak effectively is an invaluable skill. There are many elements to making a good presentation—knowing how to provide the proper emphasis is one of the key […]

Enoch Awoniyi – Learn to Live Debt Free

The A-B-C-D’s of Getting Out of Debt You’ll get lots of opinions on the best way to get out of debt. Be sure of one thing, it’s not going to happen overnight. Here is one realistic and very easy- to -remember process can get the job done. If you know your A-B-C-D, you can remember […]

Denise Vega – Writing for Children and Young Adults

You can have fun writing for children and young adults, but you should also take it seriously. Why? Because they deserve it. Honor their experiences by following a few simple rules: Respect Your Reader/Listener. Readers and listeners are smart. They need you to challenge them, give them layers, let them figure things out for themselves. […]

Don Woodruff–The Power of Words

The 40 Words Successful People Use Don Woodruff Research documents a strong correlation between vocabulary level and income.  While the critical period for language development is in childhood, there are techniques that allow adults to rapidly increase their vocabulary, along with their ability to retain information, comprehend new material, and stay focused. Here is a […]