January 20, 2018

Archives for July 2011

Fall classes are in the works

We are in the process here at CFU of putting finishing touches on classes that we’ll be adding to our fall catalog.  We are always thrilled to have new teachers come to us with wonderful, creative ideas for courses to offer through CFU.  Among some of the new classes are a class on grammar, writing […]

Firehouse Theater Company Turns 10!

Are you aware that housed in the Colorado Free University building is a lovely little community theater, The John Hand Theater?   Home to two theater companies, there is always something showing in the theater.  The original theater company, Firehouse Theater Company, was founded by CFU’s founder, John Hand.  He began the theater company by […]

Wine Tasting for Everyone!

Ever stand in the wine aisles feeling completely overwhelmed and without a clue? This fun class will take the intimidation out of enjoying wine by teaching you the basics of talking and tasting wine. Topics include: how and why to taste wine, label deciphering, cork fondling, wine glass selection, and an introduction to wine jargon […]

How to Start an Import Business: Intensive Workshop

There is no other workshop in town that teaches you the ins and outs of the import business as in-depth as this one. If you’re serious about setting up an import business and want first-hand, professional information—look no further. Tomas Belcik has been importing fashion accessories, jewelry, furniture, decorative accessories, tribal arts & crafts, antiques, and […]

For Crime Scene Investigation

Are you a huge fan of CSI? Come find out what’s real—and not so real—in the TV drama by attending this special seminar at CFU. Lt. Jon Priest of the Denver Police Department talks bout what actually happens when the police investigate the scene of a crime. You’ll find out how a detective reconstructs what […]

The Joy of Pickling:

Bottle up some of summer’s bounty this year by learning how to make your own scrumptious pickles. You can pickle almost anything: cucumbers (of course), peppers, okra, green beans, beets, carrots, and the ever-abundant zucchini! Plus, you can make bright, delicious relishes and condiments like classic Chow Chow to serve aside winter pot roasts and […]

Get Creative – Summer Classes at CFU

Get your summer groove on and learn a new skill.  Colorado Free University has great classes over the summer from learning to sing, photography classes, Beading classes as well as many others. July Creative Classes 7/9 Beginning Blues Harmonica 7/9 Reiki 7/10 Photography Safari 7/11 Fabulous Free Form Rings  7/12 Beginning Voice Starts 7/12 Throwing […]

Metaphysical Empowerment with Southern Folk Magic

Weekend Workshops with Lou Florez Lou Florez is a deeply rooted spirit worker, priest, and medium who has studied with indigenous elders and medicine holders from across the globe. In the summer of 2008, he was confirmed as a Baba L’Orisha of Shango. Lou also holds the titles of High Priest through the Wiccan Tradition, […]

Mindfulness Workshops and Book Signing with Ronald Alexander, Ph.D.

Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. a leadership coach, psychotherapist and clinical trainer is the director of the OpenMind Training® Institute in Santa Monica, a leading pioneer in the fields of Mind-Body psychotherapy, holistic psychology, integrative and behavioral medicine since 1970. He conducts professional and personal trainings in the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia & Australia in mind-body healing […]