January 20, 2018

Archives for August 2011

Lynn O’Connell Nonprofit Administration Workshops

CFU is thrilled to welcoming Lynn O’Connell back to Denver for two, information-packed days this September with her new nonprofit administration workshops. On Thursday, September 9, Lynn will teach her all-day grant writing workshop which gets absolutely rave reviews from participants; it’s hard to find another grant writing class at this price, for this amount […]

Crime Scene Investigation with John Priest of the DPD

If you missed Lt. John Priest over the summer, you’re in luck! He’s found a spot in his busy schedule to come to CFU this September and talk more about the fascinating work he does as head of the Denver Police Department’s Homicide Department. Go beyond CSI, and learn what steps the police really take […]

Crystal Gardner–Sew It Up!

Stop before you even think of throwing out that vest that needs a little tender love and care. Don’t even think about taking your jeans to the seamstress when the pocket comes lose or needs a slight hem. Why? You can fix these items yourself. Become a little more resourceful, save your clothes and give […]

Colorado Geology Walking Tour at Roxborough State Park

The Walking Tour in Roxboro Park has been cancelled. Called “From the Big Bang to the Rocky Mountains: A Walk Through Time”, this tour explores the spectacular geologic formations seen along the Fountain Valley trail. These formations tell the story all the way from the big bang to the formation of the Rockies, to the […]

Welcome Denver Montclair International School

The Denver International School is the longest running international school in the Rocky Mountain region.  Through a merger a few years ago, the original Denver International School joined forces with Montclair Academy and moved its campus next door to us in Lowry.  CFU and DMIS have enjoyed a cooperative relationship, sharing a common goal of […]

Tom White–Beginning Golf

Tom always gets 5’s on his evaluations.  One that came to us today in the mail from a recent student is representative of the feedback we get about his classes. “Tom is an awesome teacher–patient, hands-on–encouraging.  [I got] exactly what I wanted–the basics of golf and confidence to play the game!”  This student said that […]

Donna Shannon

Donna teaches classes on searching for a job and acing the interview.   After her Ace the Interview class in August, we received these comments from students: [I got] a wake up call.  Skills to interview can be taught and learned.” “Great!” Great answers to questions. Great real life examples. Encouraged participation.” “Engaging and helpful. […]

Suzanne Hammer

Suzanne teaches classes on fundraising and event planning for nonprofits and on choosing the kind of volunteer situation that is right for you. Students in a recent fundraising class commented that Suzanne gave “up to date information.”   One student said that as a teacher she is “good, relaxed, informative and flexible.” You can find Suzanne’s […]

Debra Fine

Debra teaches two classes at Colorado Free University, Master The Fine Art of Small Talk and The Fine Art of Becoming an Author. Students in her March Fine Talk class commented that Debra is: “Energetic, on point.” “Fantastic, recommend to anyone that is uncomfortable in conversational settings.  [I got] a lot of tools to improve […]

Gary Michael–On Becoming More Who We are: Authenticity as Presence and Responsibility

We usually take “authentic” to mean congruence of thought and deed, or acting in accord with one’s professed values.  It’s a valid definition; it just doesn’t go far enough.  Authenticity is more than the absence of hypocrisy.  I think that to be authentic as a speaker means, above all, to be fully present, for one’s […]