January 23, 2018

Archives for October 2011

Apple Classes

Get the most from your idevice with CFU’s Apple classes for Mac, iPad, and iPhoto, and even digital photography. Learn how to use and have fun with  your Macintosh laptop (or even a desktop!)  in Maria Arapakis’ Make Nice with Your Mac!: Gain Comfort and Confidence Using Your Mac on November 5 & 12. Maria also teaches […]

Paul Mladjenovic Business & Finance Seminars

CFU welcomes Paul Mladjenovic business & finance seminars this November. Paul comes from the east coast and is a recognized expert on investing and small business finance. Paul’s seminars this visit include: Mega-Profts from the Commodities Super Boom–discover how you can make money even during hard times with commodities.  November 5 Ultra Investing Using Options–One […]

Why Shamanism?–Barbara Snow

Why Shamanism?  By Barbara Snow When my spiritual path turned to shamanism in 1999, I had no prior exposure to any form of indigenous spirituality. I struggled. What is a WASP from Texas doing studying Peruvian curanderismo?  I only knew that the practices provided comfort, direction and a sense of returning to myself. In the […]

Winter at CFU

When the snow starts falling, the calls start coming in here at CFU, with folks asking whether their classes will be running.  It is our policy to hold classes regardless of the weather.  If the buses are running and the airport is open, we stay open.  We know that it is harder for some folks […]

Tama Kieves–Inspired Success Boot Camp

CFU is always pleased to welcome Tama Kieves, and this time for Tama Kieves–Inspired Success Boot Camp: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work. If  you are ready to launch a new project or looking for some inspiration to really take your success to the next level,  join Tama for this crazy-inspirational morning seminar. Students have […]

Halloween Events for Adults

CFU’s Halloween events for adults are an alternative to the silly costumes and sticky treats of most holiday fare. Historian Phil Goodstein hosts fascinating tours of Denver neighborhoods and spills their spooky secrets and mysteries. Wondering what the real Halloween was all about? Marion Bland hosts an evening teaching about the Celtic origins of the […]

Storytelling with Bill Smith

Take Storytelling for All Occasions with Bill Smith and make sure you are the most engaging person in the room. There’s really no better way to get your point accross than with a well-told tale. Come learn from a seasoned actor, director, and popular voice-over coach, all the key vocal and body language skills to […]

Wills, trusts, and more–Erica Johnson

Trusts, wills, and powers of attorney can be confusing, but happily this class can demystify the process.  Erica Johnson is an attorney with Ambler and Keenan, LLC, and helps break things down into laymen’s terms.  Students in her October 2011 class wrote: “Erica showed her professionalism & was very informative.” “So smart & educative.” “Excellent class.  […]

Spirit Communication–Sharon Cheney

Discover what Spirit Communication can bring into your life with pyschic/medium, Sharon Cheney.  Students in her recent classes commented: “She’s great!  Please keep bringing her back!” “She was extremely rspoonsive and you could feel that she really wnated to elp.  I felt safe and trusting with her.” “Amazing!” “Dynamic” “I admit that I was very […]

Indian Cooking Class–Nirali Patel

This Indian cooking class in Denver will help you bring a whole new dimension to your cooking at home.  Nirali Patel teaches this hands-on class.  Here is what students in her September 2011 class worte: “Personable, fun, attentive, responsive, patient.  [I got] a love for the taste of Indian cuisine.” “Really great.  Friendly, fun, & […]