January 23, 2018

Archives for April 2012

Beer & Wine Tastings–Try Something New!

Try something new with beer & wine tastings at CFU. I’ve always been rather hit or miss when choosing a bottle or sampling a new beer–but I’ve found that beer or wine tastings both introduce me to new flavors and help me make better choices every time. Charlie Gottenkeiny is our in-house beer expert. Charlie […]

Free Real Estate Classes

Sign up for free real estate classes at CFU and learn all you need to become an informed buyer or seller. Chris Thomas started offering classes for free at CFU after the huge real estate collapse. Chris is in the mortgage lending business and he was aghast at the bad practices in the industry. He […]

Centus Counseling acknowledges CFU

Centus Counseling is a nonprofit that provides counseling and education to families who could not otherwise afford it. At this year’s luncheon on May 3, CFU founder, John Hand, and current CFU president, Helen Hand are honored with the Samaritan Award. This the 11th Annual Centus Samaritan Award Luncheon and focuses on Mental Health and […]

Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: Tips from Debra Fine

On May 10, discover how you can Master the Fine Art of Small Talk with small talk tips from  Debra Fine. If you feel shy or awkward at parties or business functions, discover small talk skills that can not only bring relief, but may actually have you enjoying yourself! Debra Fine has taught politicians, celebrities, […]

Summer Intensive Spanish Classes in Denver

Colorado Free University’s Summer Intensive Spanish course allows you to accelerate your learning with a daily format.  The course offers three hours of Spanish lessons Monday through Friday over a four-week period.  The class sessions cover key grammar topics in the morning session and then are followed by another session where you can practice and solidify what you learned in the previous lesson. The […]

Steve Veltkamp’s Small Business Workshops

Don’t miss out on Steve Veltkamp’s small business workshops coming up in April 2012. Steve comes from out of town (Washington state) and we’re so happy to have him here each visit. If you’ve never taken one of his seminars, you’re in for a treat. He’s a super down-to-earth guy with a wealth of information […]

Follow Your Writing Dreams

In some ways, there’s never been a better time to follow your writing dreams. With e-publishing, blogging, and a huge network of online resources for the writer, there are many ways to get your words into a reader’s hands. But still, you’ve got to get those words on paper or screen. We’ve got an array […]

Mental Health First Aid

Most of us know how to react in a first aid type situation–when to put on a band-aid or when to call 911, but do you know how to identify a mental health crisis and get help? This unique training seminar is incredibly valuable for people in many lines of work (teachers, university staff, religious […]

April Fools Fun at CFU

Browsing through our catalog, you might have missed these very special classes: Lie Like a Rug:  Deception Made Simple; Acting Dead on Camera; The Fine Art of Being a Wallflower:  How to Stand in the Corner by Yourself, Appear Unapproachable, and Disaappear Completely; 51 Ways to Blow a Job Interview:  A Foolproof Way to Live a Life […]