January 20, 2018

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Un Job Fair on 4 News!

Channel 4 visited us yesterday and did a piece on the Un Job Fair for the 5 o’clock news. In case you missed it:

The Un-Job Fair is back in 2012!

The Un-Job Fair is back in 2012! If you’re feeling stuck in your 9-5 or have been nursing big dreams to strike out on your own, CFU’s Un-Job Fair for aspiring entrepreneurs may be just what you’ve been looking for! Created especially for the small business or solo-preneur, the Un-Job Fair is a daylong event with three […]

Design Your Own Spanish Immersion in Denver

As a veteran of six foreign language immersions, I can attest totheir effectivness in acquiring a new language. I also know the sacrifices that are required to live and travel abroad.  Denver offers ample opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language.  By combining formal and informal education, you can accelerate your learning.    Here are five ideas that worked for me […]

Online Classes–e-Learning Health Care Certification Courses

Colorado Free University is offering a full suite of online classes with Health Ed Today online e-learning courses. These courses are highly interactive and provide students with an enriched learning experience. Courses of online study are offered in the following areas: Phlebotmy Technician Medical or Dental Assistant Pharmacy Technician Clinical Medical Assistant Medical Billing & […]

Social Media Classes & More with Steve Veltkamp

Steve Veltkamp comes in to town one week before the Un-Job Fair with several new social media classes in his line-up. Pretty much everybody in business these days knows that Facebook is a social media platform that cannot be ignored. Take Facebook for Business with Steve Veltkamp to get Steve’s perspective on working with Facebook […]

Art Classes–and Crafts!

  Looking for art classes? We’ve got you covered! CFU offers a great selection of art and crafts classes, most of which are perfect for the beginner because you don’t have to invest in a huge amount of equipment or materials to try out a new medium We’ve always offered an array of great basic […]

Bringing Down the Cost of Divorce

Bringing down the cost of divorce is a priority for many people.  Whether or not you use an attorney to finalize a divorce, there is a lot that you can do on your own to be prepared for the process.  CFU has two classes that can help.  Do-It-Yourself Divorce is taught by a trained mediator […]

Money and Divorce–Wendy Spencer

Money and Divorce are a volatile combination.  See what a student wrote about Wendy Spencers’ Take Financial Control of Your Divorce class here at CFU: Generally, when one goes through a divorce experiencing feelings of confusion, fear and venerability are not uncommon. For many people this can turn out to be the most stressful time […]

CFU Celebrates 25th Anniversary

CFU celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Do you know how remarkable it is that we remain open today?  We are one of ten schools of our type that remain open in the U.S. While there are all kinds of places that offer classes today, CFU is unusual because it is completely independent, freestanding, and […]

House Exchange–a great way to travel

HOUSE EXCHANGE …Should You Dare? with  Mary Schreiner There is no question that travel enriches life.  But, with the current economy and questionable future, many people feel as though they cannot  afford to travel.  Happily, there is a way to save a lot on travel expense and to have a fabulous experience at the same […]