January 20, 2018

Archives for July 2012

Smart Websites & SEO with Liz Hamilton

Learn all about smart websites & SEO with Liz Hamilton. If your website is not showing up on the front page of a Google search, then your website is not optimized and is, most likely, getting ignored. But just how do you optimize? Liz Hamilton,   principal of Maia Internet Consulting, teaches people what to […]

Get a Handle on Social Media–and Get Certified too!

Are you wondering where to begin to get a handle on social media? Things are always changing in the world of digital marketing. CFU created the social media certificate program for two reasons. One was to help small business owners evaluate the playing field and be able to make good choices about the social media […]

Take Nonprofit Administration Classes with Lynn O’Connell

The center of our nonprofit administration classes are Lynn O’Connell’s seminars and workshops. Lynn will be in Denver at the end of July to teach her five classes and workshops: Become a Grantwriter–One of Lynn’s most popular workshops. Be sure to sign up early to get a spot. How to Create a Business Plan That […]

The Tastings of Summer

Browse our beer and wine classes for the tastings of summer! New this summer are classes on French wines (and overcoming French wine intimidation) and Malbec, the hot wine of the times. Both taught by Ashley Hausman, a certified sommelier and wine store manager. I can’t tell you what incredible value her classes are! You […]

Un-Job Fair Happy Hour!

CFU president Helen Hand hosts an Un-Job Fair Happy Hour on July 16. CFU knows that people seeking and making a joyfully jobless lifestyle need support–come meet and mingle with like-minded folk.  You don’t have to have attended an Un-Job Fair to join this fun networking opportunity—it’s open to all current business owners, aspiring business […]