January 22, 2018

Archives for August 2012

Expert tips on leadership

  Tasha Eurich provides expert tips on leadership to leaders at all levels all over the country. In a Forbes.com article, commenting on Ann Curry’s upcoming departure as co-host of the Today Show.  Dr. Eurich presents advice on how to handle demotions. Soon, Colorado Free University students will have the opportunity to learn from this expert […]

Sharon Cheney Returns to Denver

Psychic medium Sharon Cheney returns to Denver this September with five of her most popular classes: Animal Communication Manifesting Your Desires Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels Spirit Communication The Shift to Higher Consciousness Sharon was born with her psychic gifts and has developed them over the years with her metaphysical and academic training. She […]

Master Your Mingling Skills with the Fine Art of Small Talk

Master your mingling skills and learn to make a great impression every time! Debra Fine is a small talk expert and she can show you how to become much more comfortable mingling in social situations. We are lucky to have Debra’s Fine Art of Small Talk class here at CFU. Debra teaches this seminar all […]

CFU Anniversary Gift to Students

It’s our birthday!  CFU celebrates 25 years of offering lifelong learning in Denver. To celebrate, we’re giving you a gift–$100 worth of classes for $50.  Read the details here, but purchase now because the deal ends on Monday, August 20. Happy Birthday to CFU! If you have questions, call us: (303) 399-0093 ext 0.

Prosper with Paul Mladjenovic!

Prosper with Paul Mladjenovic! Paul Mladjenovic is a financial consultant, author, and speaker who travels to Denver from the east coast to give a series of helpful, interesting seminars on business & finance topics. Paul has been often quoted in major media such as MarketWatch and CNN and really knows  his stuff. But students tell […]

Get Great Public Speaking and Communication Skills!

Get more out of your life, work, and relationships by improving your communication skills. Many people suffer from nerves when called upon to speak in public. There are definite tips and tricks you can learn to improve your confidence and delivery.  Whether for a special wedding toast, a job pitch, or a lecture, you can […]

Washington Park Profile Celebrates CFU’s 25 Years

One of Denver’s best neighborhood newspapers, the Washington Park Profile Celebrates CFU’s 25 Years of offering great classes in Denver.  The Profile is a great newspaper for getting local news and keeping up on the fun things happening in central Denver.  Read the Profile’s article about our 25th birthday. CFU appreciates all that the Profile […]

My Life With Style

My Life with Style is a lovely new online magazine devoted to culture and life style in Denver. This month’s issue is devoted to lifelong learning and has a wonderful feature on Colorado Free University.  Thanks to former CFU teacher, Kathryn Severns Avery for recognizing the value of learning throughoutlife and to the contribution that […]

Photography Classes!

Quickly master your camera or improve your photography skills in one of our great photography classes. There’s a topic for everyone. The camera quick start classes are really popular. Taught by Keith & Teddi Maull, these camera classes are designed to get you using your camera quickly and with minimal manual reading. Choose a point & […]