January 22, 2018

Archives for September 2012

Spanish Immersion is Coming!

Spanish Immersion weekend is October 6 & 7.  This is a unique chance for folks to get an intensive Spanish experience and still sleep in their own beds at night!  Two days of classes and activities to jumpstart your skills.  Read what students have said about their experiences in our Immersion Weekends.   See what’s […]

Conservative Investments

Conservative Investments  A majority of Americans would certainly acknowledge that we live in perilous financial times! In his book, Anatomy of a Bear, economist Russell Napier notes we experience a bear market on average every three years and a significant bear market every eight years. With the largest population in the history of the country […]

Investing Workshops

Taking some investing workshops can really help you invest wisely, build wealth, plan for the future, and build basic money smarts. If you’re new to investing, try a class that covers all the bases and gives you a good vocabulary in sound investing strategies. Browse our basic investing classes to find one that suits your […]

Play steel drums! Video of CFU student

Watch CFU student Cinny Lin play in this steel drums video. Cinny was able to play two songs after just her fourth session in Rick Henson’s Tropial Escape: Learn to Play Steel Drums class.  Be sure to watch to the end. Doesn’t it look like fun? Great job, Cinny!  

CFU Teacher Ethan Knightchilde Film Screening

Join CFU film teacher Ethan Knightchilde for a film screening of his new film, Ghosts of the West: The End of the Bonanza Trail , on September 29 in Estes Park. Congratulations to Ethan on the culmination of several years of hard work on this film! Here are details about the film, tickets, and more:  Lost […]

Lighten Your Toxic Load™–And Live Longer!

Toxic Load–Lighten your Toxic Load to Live Longer If you do just ONE thing for better health, do yourself a favor and drink filtered water. When possible, avoid unfiltered tap water and bottled water (unless you truly know it’s sourced from a natural spring). Here’s why: In 2009, Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 316 contaminants […]

Speed Reading & Learning Strategies with Howard Berg

You can improve your reading speed and learning skills by taking speed reading &  learning strategies classes with Howard Berg. Howard Berg is on record as the World’s Fastest Reader. He’s also a great teacher and genuine guy. We love having him visit CFU and share his reading and learning strategies. His classes get great […]

Gary Michael at the Tattered Cover

Join CFU teacher Gary Michael at the Tattered Cover bookstore (Colfax) on September 12 at 7pm for a presentation and book signing of his new book, Journey from Little Left. Here’s how Gary describes the story: Journey from Little Left follows a band of 10 prairie dogs that leave their colony when human intrusion threatens […]