January 20, 2018

Archives for October 2012

Launch Your Travel Writing Career!

Launch your travel writing career in the exciting class, Become a Travel Writer, taught by local talent Ron Stern. Ron has been a travel columnist for the San Diego Newspaper syndicate. His articles have been published in Shape, Cruise, and Destination West magazines, among others. Ron gives you all sorts of insider tips on breaking […]

Astrology Workshop

  Astrology Workshop at CFU gives you a unique opportunity to explore how astrology works and the benefit it can bring to your life.  Marguerite Hafeman has been working with astrology for over 30 years. She is a certified astrologer through the National Council for Geocosmic Research, one of the most rigorous and respected astrology training programs. […]

Compuskills offers Microsoft Office custom business computer training!

Custom business computer training can help you prepare to upgrade your Microsoft Office software. Have you recently updated your Microsoft Office software? Do your employees ‘kind of’ know how to use the new version?  Has their productivity been effected by learning the software as they go?  Send them to a Compuskills class! We can create […]

Space for Rental in Denver: Host your Holiday Party at CFU

Space for rental in Denver is available at Colorado Free University in Lowry.   This is a terrific room for parties as well as meetings.  Capacity is about 100, depending on set up.  If you’re planning a holiday party for work or friends, this is a great alternative to your home.  Call us at (303) 399-0093 […]

Barbara Winter teaches job-free living

If you missed her at the Un-Job Fair this past summer, you’ll want to be sure to catch Barbara Winter this October for her series of three seminars. Barbara Winter is the author of the best-selling book, Making a Living without a Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love, and teaches an inspirational seminar […]

Halloween Tours & Events

It’s a seasonal treat here to host a whole array of fun Halloween tours & events especially for adults. One of the most popular is historian Phil Goodstein’s walking tours of haunted spots in the city. Learn all the paranormal happenings in Cheesman Park.  Or check out all the ghosts spooking around the Capitol area. […]

Wealth Building Strategies with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic comes back to Denver in November to share more of his wealth building strategies and entrepreneurial workshops to help you prosper in any economy. Browse all of Paul’s seminars this November.  Two of his most popular recent seminars are the paired Zero Cost Income: Make Real Money in Your Spare Time with a […]

Digital Marketing Classes in Denver

Digital Marketing Classes in Denver are taught by Jennifer Hilburn of Six Degrees Digital Markeing.  Jen travels to Denver to teach some of the best, most practical classes you can find.  CFU believes that face-to-face interaction with a teacher and the chance to collaborate with others in class is still the best way to learn. […]

Social Media Student at CFU Launches Business

Joyce Feustel is Founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor  and helps people who are relatively new to social media become more effective and comfortable in their use of this medium.  A few years ago, when she was just starting out,  she took some social media classes here at CFU.  Recently she browsed our catalog and […]

Real Estate Investing for the Real (not virutual) World

I have been a teacher at Colorado Free University for 20 years, teaching a real estate investing classes called   Buying and Fixing an Old House. Much has changed during that time. The biggest change is the Internet. You can learn many things on the Internet, some truthful and useful, some absolute nonsense. What is missing […]