January 23, 2018

Archives for January 2013

The Art of Hearts–A Valentine’s Day Class

Try a fun Valentine’s Day class and learn the way to your love’s heart. On Feb 9, join  The Art of Hearts: Ways to Woo & Wow on February 9. Popular speaker Gary Michael shares tips on making your next romantic encounter the most electric yet, even if it is with your own spouse. Gary has […]

Adobe CS6 training classes are here!

Adobe CS6 training classes are here! Starting in February 2013, CompuSkills computer training will begin offering training classes in the big three components of CS6: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Come explore the redesigned interface of these programs and quickly gain mastery of new tools and features. CompuSkills offers a variety of classes to suit your needs. […]

Grant Writing Class & Other Nonprofit Classes

If you are looking for a great grant writing class, be sure not to miss Lynn O’Connell when she comes to town in February 10-12 2013.  Lynn teaches several nonprofit administration courses on strategic planning, volunteer management, business planning, and how to start a nonprofit. Her courses are the centerpiece of CFU’s Certificate of Nonprofit […]

The Soul of Mexican Cooking

CFU Mexican cooking class  teacher, Laura Sonderup, shares this wonderful article about Mexican cuisine: The cuisine of Mexico is a richly varied style of food with clear influences from not only the country’s indigenous populations, but also of Europe and the Middle East. Comida prehispánica included corn, chiles, native herbs, beans, tomatoes, vanilla, avocado, squash, […]

Basics of Cooking–Rachel Iacino

You can learn the basics of cooking as well as how to create a beautiful and sumptuous high tea, English-style, with Rachel Iacino. Debbra Leake joined 9 other students for Rachel’s Tea for the Duchess of Bedfordshire class on Jan. 12 and here’s what she told us: “I took this class Tea for the Duchess […]

Develop Psychic Skills!

Gain tools and methods to develop psychic skills and intuitive skills  in an uplifting class with a professional medium, Karen Storsteen. Karen Storsteen, M.S. is known for her rare combination of talents as a psychic-medium, psychotherapist, executive coach, management consultant, and public speaker.  She has found missing people, helped solve crimes, grown and turned around businesses, and […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Denver

Get a crash course on Denver history–and a fun, off-beat crash course at that!–in Phil Goodstein’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Denver course. Phil is a noted Denver historian and prolific author. He’s particularly well-known for his walking tours around Denver historic Denver neighborhoods. In the winter, Phil always hosts one of his […]