January 22, 2018

Archives for February 2013

Prosper with Paul Mladjenovic–Business & Finance Seminars

Take one of Paul Mladjenovic’s business or finance seminars and learn how to prosper! Paul Mladjenovic is an east coast based financial consultant, author, and speaker who travels the country giving seminars on business and finance topcs. Paul has been often quoted in major media such as MarketWatch and CNN and really knows  his stuff. […]

Sharon Cheney, psychic medium

Hailing from Santa Fe, Sharon Cheney is a psychic medium who  was born with special abilities and the sincere desire to help others. She developed her gifts through her education in the metaphysical and academic fields. Sharon holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is an ordained minister with the Priests of Melchizedek. She has […]

Express Yourself–Add a Music Class to Your Life!

Add a music class (or two) to your life and find a new outlet for self-expression. Join Beginning Voice starting March 13  (3 weeks) and find or recapture  the joy and power of singing. Students are crazy for Nate Sanchez’s teaching style. If you’ve been hankering to play the guitar, he’s the man. Starts March 13 […]

Move It with Dance Classes & Other Movement/Fitness Classes

Many studies suggest that movement is a key to health & longevity, and we’ve got some great dance classes and other fitness and movement courses to get you on your feet. Known as one of the martial arts that can be practiced well into one’s senior years, tai-chi is a system of slow, graceful healing […]

Needlefelting Class & Ideas by Gage Evans

Recently, I have been having fun taking some older clothing and some newer tote bags and transforming them into my own original artwork through needlefelting. I learned to sew at an early age and have made my own clothing sporadically since then. In recent years, though, I have wanted to make clothing that reflected more […]

Spanish Immersion Day in Denver

The Spanish Immersion Day in Denver is an excellent way for you to solidify what you are learning in the weekly Spanish classes.  It’s also a great way to reactivate your Spanish if you haven’t practiced or taken any classes for awhile.  In a relaxed environment, you are able to work on your Spanish skills […]

Scrumptious Cooking Classes

Join one of CFU’s scrumptious cooking classes and learn recipes and techniques to share and expand your repertoire. Like cakes, cremes, dainty sandwiches, tea, & friendship? February 17: Tea for the Duchess of Befordshire  Sharpen your skills! February 20:  Knife Skills: Tips, Tricks & Techniques Used By Professional Chefs Join the fermentation craze! (Or just learn to make […]

Buying & Selling a Home–Free Classes

Whether you are a first time home buyer, seller, or just taking a peek back at the market post-2008, you owe it to yourself to sign up for one of our FREE classes in real estate and mortgages. You’ll get great, up-to-date information on navigating these often confusing waters to help you make the most […]

Writing Classes to Develop Your Skills

If you’ve been dabbling here and there in writing, this may be the time to really dig in and start developing your skills in one of our great writing classes. Creative writers know that it’s the characters that make or break the story. Learn techniques to make your characters richer and more compelling. February 16: […]

Tech Tip: Fix a Google Duplicate Listing

Did you 100% optimize your Google Listing? Plus you built lots of citations but you’re still not ranking? Have rankings from your Google Listing dropped out of nowhere and you don’t know why? Did you recently move your business into a new location? Did you recently change your business name or phone number? If you […]