January 22, 2018

Archives for April 2013

Internet Marketing & Business Start Up with Jennifer Croft

Get a handle on your internet marketing strategy by attending an informative and seminar by by a 25 year veteran in marketing, Jennifer Croft . If you simply need a crash course overview of in all the different possibilities of marketing on the web, Jennifer will lay them out for you in 20 Ways to […]

Website tips from Michael Borgelt

Get website tips from Social Media expert Michael Borgelt in the two classes he teaches at Colorado Free University, Smart and Successful Websites: Understanding Online Marketing, and Get Your Business Listed at the Top of Local Search.  Find the classes in the Social Media section of the CFU website. See what students have said about […]

Life Coach–Cheryl Bartlett

Life Coach Cheryl Bartlett teaches 3 courses at CFU,  Life Coaching as a Career find in our Career section), A Course in Miracles and The Inner Beauty Journey (find these both in The Self/Life Skills and Personal Growth. Read what students have said about Cheryl: “She was amazing!!  I love how she could connect the […]

Making Money Thrifting

Our first class of Making  Money from Thrifting was full of discussion and stories and people giving us their best thrifting stories. There were also those who were beginners but had the hunting instinct to get going. We had 11 pioneer thrifters who look for everything from Scottie dog collectibles to anything that is worth […]

Develop Your Intuition with Psychic Medium Karen Storsteen

Psychic medium Karen Storsteen will be hosting her well received seminar “Develop Your Psychic Brilliance” on May 11. With an uplifting style, Karen shares her abilities and tools to help students learn how to develop their own intuitive skills. Those who attended Karen’s class earlier this year had overwhelmingly positive  things to say about her presentation, style, and sense of […]

Psychic/Medium Sharon Cheney on Surrender

Psychic/Medium Sharon Cheney on Surrender When we are faced with life’s challenges, we want to understand why these things happen to us and often we look for someone or something to blame. Each experience of violence, abuse or pain provides us with opportunities to practice forgiveness, surrender and letting love overcome our fears rather than […]

Debra Fine Teaches Small Talk

If you’ve been a browser of the CFU catalog for any number of years, you’ll know that Debra Fine teaches small talk—that is, Master the Fine Art of Small Talk–at our Lowry campus a few times a year. What you may not know is what an incredible business woman Debra Fine is, and just how […]

Master the Art of Small Talk–Debra Fine

Master the Art of Small Talk with Small Talk guru, Debra Fine.  Debra has been teaching this very popular class for 10 years here at Colorado Free University.  She travels all over the world giving presentations and workshops on conversation skills, so we’re awfully lucky to have her in Denver. Read what some recent students […]

Develop Your Psychic Powers–Karen Storsteen

Are you interested in developing your own psychic powers? Karen Storsteen taught her first session of Develop Your Psychic Brilliance on 2/19/13 at Colorado Free University.  Read what participants in the workshop wrote: “Karen is amazing and her experiences are inspiring as well as comforting.” “She is awesome and well prepared.” “Very well-qualified, very responsive […]

How to Become a Goal Achiever

We all set goals constantly; some goals we are aware of, some not. Most people get through life without consciously setting goals. But they are missing out on so many opportunities! Before we talk about how to systematically reach every goal you will ever set in your life, let’s look at 5 reasons why setting […]