January 20, 2018

Archives for July 2013

Meditation, Mindfulness & Hypnosis Classes

While there are many subjects that lend themselves to quick short-seminar study, meditation, mindfulness & hypnosis classes are offered in longer-study formats. The benefit of taking a multi-session class in one of these contemplative subjects if to really help students to go deep. Even if you’ve taken a short class before, try out one of […]

Spanish Summer Intensive Classes Levels 5 & 6

Sign up now for Spanish Summer Intensive classes, levels 5-6. This is a recent addition to the summer intensive schedule and is not printed in our summer catalog.

The Level 5-6 intensive class focuses half on grammar and half on conversation and runs for two weeks in the mornings starting August 19.

Evon Davis shares her thoughts about CFU classes

Evon Davis has taught a variety of writing and personal growth classes here at CFU for several years.  Happily, she takes advantage of our “learning exchange”, that encourages teachers to take each other’s classes.  Recently she took Sarabeth Bjorndahl’s  class, “Take Control of Your Life: Set Healthy Boundaries” and wrote about her experience in this […]

Spirit Reading with Karen Storsteen

Join local psychic medium Karen Storsteen for a spirit reading on August 10 in this rare chance to reconnect with loved ones who have crossed over in spirit form.  People report that spirit readings help get to the root of emotional issues quickly, and find life purpose, and healing. Karen Storsteen is a local psychic […]

Taste the Good Life!

Summer is the perfect time to kick back and taste something delectable and new. Try a summer tasting class to and expand your palate and cooking repertoire. Of course, wine and chocolate are each wonderful. But when paired together—oh my! On July 26: Chocolate and Wine Pairing: Find a Bit of Heaven on Earth Never […]

Nonprofit Administration Classes with Lynn O’Connell

Learn how you can help ensure sustainability in your nonprofit by attending one of our skill-building nonprofit administration classes  with veteran nonprofit consultant and educator Lynn O’Connell. Lynn’s classes comprise the center of CFU’s nonprofit administration classes and can help you or your organization plan, fund, strategically manage, and grow your nonprofit. Best yet, our […]

Bargain Paints Not Such a Bargain

Let’s admit it. We all love a bargain. The good news is that there are still bargains out there for art supplies, but we need to spend time reading the labels. When buying tube paints, you’ll notice that the price varies depending on the color you want to buy.  E.g. the cadmium yellows and reds […]

Free Readings by Poets & Writers in July

CFU’s talented creative writing teacher Amanda Reavey shares a great opportunity to hear readings by famous poets and writers in July at Naropa University in Boulder. View a calendar of upcoming events on Amanda’s website Unpublished Narratives. She’s updating it all month, so pop over frequently and don’t miss this great chance to hear words […]

Photography Classes for Summer!

Summer is the best time to practice what you learn in on of our great photography classes.  It’s so easy to head up in the mountains for a hike or snap a few shots of your gloriously unfolding garden. Here are some upcoming photography classes to upgrade your skills– or maybe give you new ones […]

Immigration 101–The System & Reform

As we watch the politics of immigration reform play out in Washington this summer, it’s a great time to take CFU’s Immigration 101 class and understand better the issues involved in this complex topic. Taught by one of Denver’s top immigration attorneys, Nancy Elkind, Immigration 101 is designed to help move us beyond sound bites […]