January 20, 2018

Archives for June 2014

Spanish Intensive classes start July 7

Spanish Intensive classes start July 7 after the intensive program takes the week of 4th of July off.  Classes run from 9 to 12:30 Monday through Friday.  Check them out and register: Spanish 1 and 2Spanish 5 and 6 Beginning on July 21 we’ll be offering: Spanish 3 and 4Spanish 7 and 8 These intensive […]

Negotiating Skills for Women with Jeanne Lee

Women often feel unsure of themselves in negotiations, but with a few constructive pointers, can easily develop confident negotiating skills that will serve them in many situations. Attorney Jeanne Lee uses the skills she teaches in all sorts of situations, from her professional practice to dealing with turbulent teenagers. Join her for Negotiating Skills for […]

Social Media Marketing Classes–Fridays in Summer!

Summer social media marketing classes are taking over on Fridays this summer! If you are working on a CFU digital marketing certificate , the Social Media Manager certificate, or just have a little flex time this summer to finally learn about Hootsuite (and it’s great, I tell ya!), we’ve asked all our digital marketing teachers […]

Donor Retention – Quick Tip for Establishing a Successful Program for Your Nonprofit by Lila Gracey

The first step in designing and implementing an effective donor retention program is knowing where you are currently. If you do not have those data readily available, here’s how to calculate:  Count the number of donors who gave to your organization in one year. (e.g., 2012)  Count the number of donors from the same pool […]

Learning to Love Your Body? Shift Your Perspective! By Olivia Lundberg, CRMT

How many of us can honestly say that we love every part of our bodies? All people have their off-days, as I too struggle with this simple concept. Many of us attempt to change our body’s appearance during our lives. We internalize society’s call to consumerism, believing that we are somehow inadequate without the latest […]

Develop Your Psychic Skills!

One June 29, 2014 join Karen Storsteen for her  Spirit Reading & Psychic Brilliance class. Karen explains how participants can tap into and work with their psychic gifts and the she does audience readings for particpants. This is both a class and an experience and students give high praise to her skills and the information. […]

Positive Wellness, Positive You

Positive Wellness, Positive You:  A Holistic Approach to Health and Well-Being is holding its final 2 week class beginning this Thursday evening.   Don’t miss out! LeeAnn Langdon, MA, CPT is owner of Prime of Life Fitness and Carol Hollifield, MS, LPC is owner of InnerCounseling.  They join forces to present this unique program which […]

Summer Cooking Classes (and Beer too!)

Summer is all about relaxing and sharing with friends, so what better way to do it than by taking a cooking class and learning some fun new recipes or techniques to share with your gang? We’ve got a great summer line-up, that includes everything from pizza making (a perfect way to keep the kids entertained) […]

Women and Money by Linda Gardner

Deep, deep down…do you secretly fear becoming a bag lady?  If so, you are not alone!  Women from all walks of life frequently worry about whether they’ll run out of money to live on and end up destitute in their later years.  Yes, even people like Katie Couric reportedly suffer from this fear. The best […]

Make Yourself Heard!

The world is a noisy place these days, but we’ve got a variety of communication classes to help you make sure you are getting heard. Whether you have a hard time meeting people or have a big speech coming up, or really need to ask for a raise, there is a class to help you […]