January 22, 2018

Archives for August 2014

Launch Your Business with Business Start-Up Bootcamp

Jennifer Croft has helped hundreds of people get their businesses started and has started a number of successful businesses herself.  In her highly practical, 2-day workshop, Business Start Up Boot Camp, you’ll take your idea from concept to reality.  Discover how to properly set up your business and how to market your products and services. […]

Basics of Building Wealth with Bobbie Christensen

Bobbie Christensen is an expert on safely building wealth to secure your future financial needs. She  the author of 10 published books including “Top 50 Best Stock Investments” and “Adding To Your Financial Portfolio”.  She travels the country giving seminars on investing for people who don’t necessarily have large amounts to invest, but want to […]

Fall Nonprofit Administration Classes with Lynn O’Connell Just Around the Corner!

One of our very favorite out-of-state teachers, Lynn O’Connell jets in this September to teach her popular series of nonprofit administration classes. If you are working on your nonprofit certificate or thinking about breaking into the field, her classes are not to be missed! Lynn is the director of Computer Core, a nonprofit in the […]

Break Out with Improv!

You don’t have to have a funny bone to join an improv class. Just be willing to join in some fun “improv games” with fellow classmates and see where it goes–that’s the beauty of the medium. Improv takes on two forms–short form or long form. Either way, players are given a bit of structure (the […]

Nonprofit classes

CFU offers a wide variety of nonprofit classes as a resource for those working in the nonprofit sector.  Coming up on 8/13– Nonprofits in Colorado:  Resources & Practices, 8/19–Finances & Nonprofits: A Layman’s Guide to Financial Statements, 8/23–Donor Retention: The Secret to Nonprofit Revenue.  See all the Nonprofit classes we offer. And read about the Certificate […]

Tips for Women Facing Retirement Alone

TIPS FOR WOMEN FACING RETIREMENT ALONE It happens all too often. A woman suddenly finds herself staring into the uncertainty of her financial future due to divorce or the death of her spouse. She may be saving everything she can, but there’s no way for her to understand or figure out if she will have […]