January 23, 2018

Archives for September 2014

Step onto the Stage–Introduction to Performing Arts

Have you thought you might want to step onto the stage but are a bit intimidated?  CFU is your place to step out of your comfort zone in a nonthreatening, risk-free setting.  We love seeing people enjoy the rewards of trying something new.  Check out these classes: 10/1/14–Voice-Over: Do You Have What it Takes?  Bill […]

Nonprofit Strategies

Come together with others working in the non profit sector to get nonprofit strategies.  Our classes are taught by folks who are active working in nonprofit organizations and have lots of practical, tested information and tips to help you succeed in your efforts. 9/30/14–Crowd Funding 101: Get Funding for Your Dream 10/1/14–Donor Retention: The Secret […]

Entrepreneur Mentor and Advocate Barbara Winter Here in September!

If you’re thinking of starting your own business or even if you already have, join us this September for three special event classes offered by well-know entrepreneurial mentor and advocate, Barbara Winter. Barbara literally wrote the book on joys and challenges of the entrepreneurial lifestyle: Making a Living Without a Job. She’s been living the […]

Business Strategies Toolkit

Take advantage of CFU’s Business Strategies Toolkit–a wide variety of strategy classes to help you build your business.  Don’t pay a business consultant hundreds of dollars when you can get the information yourself at CFU for just tens of dollars.  Our motto: “Learn it today, use it tomorrow!”  Check out this sampling of upcoming classes: […]

Cannabis 101

Colorado has entered uncharted territory with its legalization of marijuana.  Our state’s experiment will be a win-win for all if folks who care to are able to use marijuana responsibly and enjoyably.  We’ve all heard stories of folks who’ve dabbled and had bad experiences.  This is the final session of our special class to give […]