January 20, 2018

Archives for March 2015

Adobe Design Classes at CFU

CFU’s CompuSkills Computer Training Lab provides hands-on classes to give you the hottest Adobe design skills.  Small classes, the chance to repeat any class for free–these classes are the best deal in town! 4/9 & 4/10/15–Adobe InDesign CS6  Learn to use InDesign to create print and electronic collateral such as magazines, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, books, […]

CFU in the News: Colorado Biz magazine

CFU instructor Esty Atlas interviewed CFU president Helen Hand about CFU and its mission. Read So Much to Learn it in Colorado Biz magazine. Esty Atlas teaches Spin It Right!: Media and Customer Relations at Colorado Free University.

Explore Other Possibilities–Metaphysics at CFU

Metaphysics is the exploration of the nature and purpose of being.  Classes at CFU give you an opportunity to dip into a variety of perspectives.  Whether you are firm in your beliefs or are just curious about different possibilities, you’ll find these classes worth your while. April 8, 2015–All About Numerology 1 3 8 4 […]

The First Time I Ever Killed Someone by Rick Gustafson

Put a bunch of mystery writers together in the same room, typically in a hotel barroom at Left Coast Crime or some other crime-writers conference, and the topic of conversation will undoubtedly wander from the state of the publishing industry to murder. Stories about how a certain characters met a gruesome demise typically become more […]

Learn Spanish at CFU

CFU has the best-reviewed Spanish language program in Denver.  Courses are created and scheduled for adult learners. Many of our instructors are native speakers and all have extensive teaching experience.  We break the program into five week blocks, so that you can move forward at the pace that works for you. See some of our […]

Are You a Great Spanish Language Teacher?

CFU Spanish is looking for a dynamic, engaging, and effective Spanish language instructor to teach day or evening classes to adults. Candidates must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Spanish and the ability to teach all levels. Native Spanish speakers with 2-3+ years of teaching experience are preferred, however strong candidates that do not […]

Businesses Would Be Wise to Learn How to Speak in Soundbites by Esty Atlas

This may surprise you, but the majority of well-known people you think of as extroverts actually hate public speaking.  Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked, “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you […]

Build an Organizational Culture That Maximizes Resources

School administrators were having the same discussion again they had had many times– what to do about the endless back-stabbing behavior between the teachers?  Though the school was known for its wonderful honoring approach to children, the perfectionistic attitudes of teachers and others adults in the school resulted in unsupportive, disrespectful, and even hostile behaviors […]

Shake Off the Winter Blues

Spring is here!!. 3/31–Terrariums & Fairy Gardens  Engage your creativity and play with plants and dirt! 4/5/15–The Ghosts of Cheesman Park (A Walking Tour with Phil Goodstein Get outside and explore the mysteries of one of Denver’s oldest and favorite urban parks. 4/11/15–Fly Cheap, Stay Cheap, Travel Cheap  Time to plan that vacation?  Get insider […]

Mediation Training in Denver

Colorado Free University offers Mediation Training in Denver that is open to professionals of all types. Mediation is gaining ground as a humane, cost effective way to resolve disputes and negotiate agreements. Mediators are not advocates for either party and are trained to promote a process that is not adversarial. It is the role of […]