January 23, 2018

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Investing Know-How for the Long Haul [UPDATED]

Investing in the stock marketing can be intimidating.  If you don’t have money to spare, it can feel risky to invest in stocks.  Bobbie Christensen has developed a safe, low-risk strategy for building long term security.  She will show you how to take just $50 a month and build a portfolio that will be worth […]

eBay and Website Workshops with Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd is a former Bell Labs engineer and vice president of a cardiology software company, as well a former professional musician.  He has a gift for taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand.  He has taught over 14,000 students and loves helping them find the keys to using online resources to increase their […]

Managers Can Prevent Organizational Resources from Flying Out the Window!

by Ginny Trierweiler, PhD Nonprofit and other mission-based organizations fulfill some of the most important and fundamental needs in our communities.  As important as the missions of these organizations are, their leaders confront great challenges these days when it comes to maximizing their organization’s impact.  Too often, many of their resources are simply flying out […]

Boost Your Income –How to Add Income Streams

By adding additional income streams to your life, you can increase your overall income and have some fun at the same time!   5/18–eBay 1:  The Basics of Selling!  Kevin Boyd is an expert on eBay and CFU is honored to have him travel to Denver to offer his workshop.  He is a multi award-winning […]

Use Digital Marketing for Cost Effective Promotion of Your Business

Businesses large and small have to take advantage of the various social media platforms and other digital marketing avenues to keep their clients and customers connected to them.  You can read articles online or event watch YouTube videos to get tips on using these marketing tools.  But, there’s nothing like sitting in the room with […]

CFU’s wonderful Spanish teacher, Tim Mason, has passed away

Our hearts are broken that our dear Tim died of cancer on Thursday, April 9 at the age of 64.  Tim taught a couple of classes for us in 1997, but became a regular teacher in 2004.  He was a Spanish teacher at the middle school and high school level in Iowa as well as […]

CFU in the News: Life on Capitol Hill

Lots of you may remember when CFU occupied the John Hand Building on the corner of Colfax & York in Capitol Hill. Even though we moved over to Lowry nearly 10 years ago, we still have plenty of affection for our old stomping grounds. Life on Capitol Hill just published an article on Colorado Free […]

Special–One Day Only Classes!!! April 1

Spanish for Spelunkers Mexico and South America boast some of the best caves for  exploring: the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns in Mexico, or Cuva de Las Manos, in Argentina, famous for hand paintings dating back to 7300 BC. But before you descend into the deepest cave in South America, Sima Pumaqucha in the Andes of […]