January 20, 2018

Archives for August 2015

Get Jamming with Award-Winner Steve Bass

You can learn to create your own delicious jams, jellies and preserves with CFU’s own Steve Bass.  Steve is a man of many talents.  He earned ribbons at several county fairs once again this summer, not only for canning, but also for his artistic creations–a glass bowl and a beautifully beaded serving spoon.  Steve has […]

Writers’ Workshop with Bobbie Christensen: Get Your Book Written & Published

Unfortunately, Bobbie had an emergency medical event and will not be able to come to Colorado to teach this class. We are so sorry to disappoint everyone (U.S. Too!) but hope she recovers quickly and can visit us again very soon. Writers will find this half-day workshop is the ticket to getting their books written […]

Digital Marketing classes at CFU

Digital Marketing is a must for every business.  There are lots of options and no small business person has time to do it all.  Cut through the chatter and learn from experts in the field who work in the 9/16/15–Digital Marketing Overview 9/19/15–Use YouTube for Effective Marketing 9/22/15–All About Google: Free & Comprehensive Tools for […]

Make Authentic Tacos & Salsas with Chef Philip Feder

It is 89 degrees in Puerto Vallarta with 92 percent humidity–ouch!  Take a staycation instead and join Chef Philip Feder to learn his favorite tacos right here in Denver. Philip travels regularly to Puerto Vallarta to study authentic Mexican cooking techniques. Let him show you how to make some traditional salsas using a mocajete. These […]

Twenty Twenty Design: David Sikora

Thanks to David Sikora of Twenty Twenty Design for doing the layout for our latest catalog.  While our regular desktop publisher,  Laura Hydeman, was on route from Denver to California, David stepped in and created our publication.  If anyone needs a designer, David creates a top notch product and is great to work with.  Thanks […]

Voice-Over Training: Bill Smith in Denver

Have you been told you have a great voice?  If you have a bit of performer in you, but don’t necessarily want to jump on stage, voice-over can be a fun avenue for performance that might also lead to supplemental income. Voice-over is a production technique where a voice, that is not part of the […]