January 23, 2018

Archives for September 2015

Get Wealthy & Wise with Paul Mladjenovic: Investing and Entrepreneur Classes

Paul Mladjenovic comes back to Colorado this November 2015 to teach six of his most popular investing and entrepreneur classes. If you’ve never seen Paul speak, you are in for a treat. Paul teaches solid investment strategies and home business skills and development in a down-to-earth and friendly way. He’s a likeable, charismatic speaker who […]

Website creation and eBay selling: with Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd has a gift for taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand.   He is a former Bell Labs engineer and vice president of a cardiology software company, as well a former professional musician.  He has taught over 14,000 students and loves helping them find the keys to using online resources to increase […]

Joyce Feustel: Social Media Instructor

Joyce Feustel founded Boomers’ Social Media Tutor in 2010.  She took advantage of Colorado Free University’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing to get up to speed on the various social media platforms.  Joyce has been teaching classes on Facebook and Pinterest since 2013.  Joyce graciously acknowledges CFU and President, Helen Hand, in her recent blog […]

Making Money from Thrifting: Saturday September 19

Do you love browsing thrift stores?  Then you know that there are a bounty of treasures within those funky shops.  This weekend is the last chance to take “Make Money from Trifting: Modern Day Treasure-Hunting” here at CFU.  This fun, action packed class starts in the classroom for a couple of hours where you’ll learn […]

Get the Keys to Online Security: Classes with Chris Murphy

How does this scenario make you feel?  Imagine that you go to your favorite shopping mall quite often, and unbeknownst to you, Mr. Snooper, the owner, is watching you the entire time you wander around.  You don’t realize it, but it seems that every time you go, you wear your favorite red shirt, so Mr. […]