January 23, 2018

Archives for March 2016

Deb Flomberg recommends the Un-Job Fair

Our wonderful Deb Flomberg, who is on hiatus right now from teaching, writes an online column.  She features the “Un-Job Fair: Strategies and Opportunities for Successful Self-Employment” which is on April 9.  Deb has been a breakout presenter in past Un-Job years. Deb writes: “Wether you’re already your own boss or you’ve had dreams of […]

Career Change: Classes at CFU Help You Find the Way

Saturday morning Barbara Bradley Haggerty presented a story on NPR about career changes in mid-life.  Of course this story made me think of the many classes we offer at CFU that help people make the life changes they need or want to make and prepare for the next stages in their lives.  I won’t be […]

Get Ready: The CFU Un-Job Fair is Coming!

Back for it its seventh session on April 9, 2016, the CFU Un-Job Fair is fresher and better than ever.  Designed with the aspiring or established entrepreneur, this daylong, high-energy symposium gives you practical practical strategies and helpful tools for success in your business, as well as ideas for new ventures to launch. This year’s event […]

Small Business & Investing Seminars with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic comes to CFU this spring with his prosperity business and finance seminars.If you’ve ever met Paul at the UnJob Fair, you know what an amazing resource he is  for the small business owner/entrepreneur. You are probably already an expert at what you do. One of Paul’s most popular classes is teaching people how to […]

No More Starving Artists: Turn Your Crafts into Cash

The world needs creative people to follow their passions. Whether you’re a soapmaker, a felter, a furniture builder, or a glassblower, there may not be a better time than the present to follow your muse and make a living at it. Terri Belford comes to CFU with a resume of experience in the crafting business, going […]

Aimee Skillin presents at the Un-Job Fair: Google tools for small businesses

Aimee Skillin is wild about all the wonderful things that Google has that can help small businesses.  In her Un-Job Fair break-out, “Google for Small Businesses”, she will show participants the terrific tools that are available through Google to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses in an affordable way. Discover how you can use it to manage calendars, contacts, […]

Beth Johnston: Social Media Marketing at the Un-Job Fair

With an MBA and BS in Business Management and Finance, Beth Johnston is a certified professional social media manager, strategist, trainer, and consultant.  She is founder of Social Bridges, a local social media marketing firm.  She was an early graduate of CFU’s Social Media Manager Certification program and now is running a robust business.  She’ll […]

Entrepreneurial strategies and tools with Jennifer Croft: Un-Job Fair, April 9

CFU’s “Un-Job Fair: Strategies & Opportunities for Successful Self-Employment” is geared to give tools and strategies to those running a business of their own. In addition to the keynote presentations with Barbara Winter and Steve Veltkamp, you’ll get to choose from 12 break-out sessions.  Over the next days, we’ll give you a sample of the […]

Apple versus the Government: Chris Murphy gives insight

Apple versus the Government:  what is it really all about?  No doubt you’ve heard it in the news and have a strong opinion, but how much do you understand the technology under discussion and it’s impact on either side of the fence?  One side is concerned with unfettered access to private information, by governments both […]