January 20, 2018

Archives for July 2016

Small Talk: Make Mingling Fun with Debra Fine, August 15

Making small talk can be daunting, even for extroverts.  We all feels some level of awkwardness at social or networking events.  Debra Fine can make it better!  She has a unique way approaching those situations where you have to strike up conversations with new people or chat with folks you don’t know well.  Her CFU […]

New Course Catalog: Coming Soon!

Colorado Free University’s new course catalog is coming soon.  We are busily working to add all kinds of new classes as well  as more opportunities for current classes to the catalog that will go to print next week.  Our wonderful Laura Hydeman has designed our catalog for twenty years.  Last summer she moved with her […]

Extraordinary Elder: Joanna Hudson

Joanna Hudson is, herself, an extraordinary elder who teaches a class at CFU on that topic.  Joanna loves to tell stories, as you can see from her blog entry: “The stories I call “wisdom” stories are the ones that come down to us from ancestors to tell us how to live and hopefully how to […]