January 20, 2018

Archives for September 2016

Become a Mediator: Comprehensive Mediation Training

Comprehensive Mediation Training takes place twice a year at CFU.  Join attorney, professional mediator and long-time mediation trainer, Jo-Marie Lisa, and professional mediator, Theresa Marrone, for  Become a Mediator week-long mediation training seminar this October 10-14.  Learn conflict resolution skills that can help you improve office dynamics and increase productivity, or work in the legal system, or […]

I’m Not a Salesperson: 5 Things You can Do to Change Your Mind, and Your Results

Say What?  I’m not a salesperson (and I don’t want to be one)”.  Here are the top 5 things you can do now, to change your mind and your results. Are you in sales?  Of course you are– we are all in sales.  Maybe you don’t realize it, or just don’t want to be.  But, think about […]

Small Businesses Find Their Friend in Steve Veltkamp

Small business have a friend in Steve Veltkamp! Join Steve for workshops and seminars on starting and running a small business of many different varieties.

The Best eBay Workshop You’ll Ever Find!

Join Kevin Boyd for a pair of eBay workshops and start a profitable new business or just get that junk out of the garage and into the bank.

The “Fried Side” with Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman teaches LinkedIn for Business and Twitter for Business at CFU.  He is owner of the Friedman Group, An Inbound and social Media Marketing service.  Brad writes a blog, The Fried Side.  Read this excerpt of his post about branding for professionals. “As a provider of professional services, your image is important to you. But […]