January 23, 2018

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement classes at Colorado Free University give you the information and skills you need for successful home projects.  If you plan to do the project yourself or hire professionals, the information you get in these classes will help you save money and succeed in your home improvement projects. Be Your Own General Contractor and […]

Voice-Over Training in Denver

Get Voice-Over Training  Voice-over training is available in Denver through Colorado Free University.  If you’ve been told you have an interesting voice, if you like to create characters, or if you want to dip your toe into this form of acting, this is for you. See all of the classes that provide voice-over training. There’s lots […]

Use Chatbots for Your Business?

Do you know if you might want to use Chatbots for your business? 3 Ways to Unlock the Power of Chatbots to Boost Your Business Do your customers open your emails? Are you or your employees spending time on the phone answering basic questions about your business? A Facebook Messenger chatbot may be your solution!  […]

Mediation Training: Become a Mediator with This 40-Hour Training

Mediation training can be a terrific new career path as opportunities are increasing for trained mediators in many business and legal settings. But mediation skills are not only for professional mediators. Many people find that their careers and professional interactions benefit from what they learn in our professional mediation class.  For example, managers and human […]

Building Your Nonprofit Skills & Strategies: With Lynn O’Connell

If you are building your own nonprofit or working for a nonprofit organization, you are by definition someone who cares. CFU supports those in the nonprofit sector with our nonprofit courses. Lynn O’Connell’s workshops are the cornerstone of our nonprofit program. Lynn O’Connell has been working in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years and […]

Writing Young Adult Fiction

Keys to Writing Young Adult Fiction by Caitlin Berve Writing young adult fiction is often thought of as just writing “books about teenagers,” but it is so much more than that. Reaching both teenagers and adults, YA has the largest audience of any category of literature. It is one of the newest, largest, and fastest […]

Enrich Your Life: Personal Growth Classes

Continual personal growth is essential for a good life.  CFU offers many classes to open new doorways for you to self discovery, life-skills development, and spiritual growth. The following classes can be great ways to try out new practices and meet like-minded explorers. 5 Steps to Discover Your Life’s Purpose:  Live a Passionate Life  (#2635)  […]