January 22, 2018


Colorado Free University (CFU) and it’s associated organizations, CompuSkills Computer Training and the CFU Spanish Center, are adult education specialists. Started more than three decades ago, CFU offers a wide range of courses and training programs for personal enrichment and skill building.
Classes are taught by experts who come from the community and desire to share their expertise with others. Many hold advanced degrees and/or special certifications in their fields (such as Spanish or computer instructors), but at CFU we know it is more than the degree that makes a great teacher. Working professionals and creatives with demonstrable, real world experience and a knack for sharing their knowledge are all we require to offer a course.
This community education stance comes from the earliest days of the free university movement. In the late 1960s, free universities sprung up all over the country. These universities, like the present day CFU, were not free in a monetary sense, but they were freely available to anyone who wanted to learn. Just like CFU instructors today, individuals were free to teach what they wished and students were free to learn without the restriction of university admission requirements or other barriers to education. The free university system supported the notion that a community can grow and solve its problems by sharing information among its members.
CFU is one of a handful of free-standing independent adult education centers left standing around the country. Some things have changed from the early days — we’re online now and many of our students choose to register this way. We now occupy a building in the old Lowry air field with lots of parking and rooms for every possible class. But we still print a paper catalog of courses, our registrars are happy to  help you find the the perfect class, and our teachers are a wonderfully generous and talented bunch.
We’d love to see you in class. Join us!