January 23, 2018

The Best eBay Workshop You’ll Ever Find!

kevin-boyd-rgbStudents have told us that Kevin Boyd’s eBay workshops are the best!  Kevin travels to Denver twice a year from Seattle to offer these workshops to help you make the most out of eBay.  Whether you are emptying your basement or making a serious business out it, you need to know how to maximize your success on eBay.  Kevin has the experience and insight, and is dynamite presenter.

Kevin Boyd, M.B.A., M.S., a former Bell Labs engineer and vice president of a market leading cardiology software company, is the creator of the Create a Website course and teaches at over 40 colleges in 10 states. He is also a multi award-winning education specialist, author of three books on eBay Selling as well as the technical editor for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to eBay.

October 17, 2016–eBay 1:  The Basics of Selling will jump start your selling on eBay.

October 18, 2016–eBay 2:  Advanced Selling Strategies!

Save money if you want to take both:  eBay 1 & 2: Package Deal

Register online, or call (303) 399-0093 ext 0.