January 23, 2018

Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: with Debra Fine

Lots of people dread networking events and other professional interaction because they simply aren’t sure what to talk about — or how to get a conversation going in the first place. But networking is just another name for the small talk we all use everyday to start conversations and keep them going. And the good […]

Three Keys to Effective Workplace Communication by Wendy Hauser, DVM

Three key factors form the basis of effective communication in the workplace: Personality Preferences Our personalities are shaped by many causes, innate and environmental.  Understanding our personality preferences and how to recognize the personality preferences of others enhances the effectiveness and quality of our interactions.  When we recognize differences and change our approach based on […]

Become a Mediator: Comprehensive Mediation Training

Comprehensive Mediation Training takes place twice a year at CFU.  Join attorney, professional mediator and long-time mediation trainer, Jo-Marie Lisa, and professional mediator, Theresa Marrone, for  Become a Mediator week-long mediation training seminar this October 10-14.  Learn conflict resolution skills that can help you improve office dynamics and increase productivity, or work in the legal system, or […]

Self-Awareness: The Key to a Better Life

There is strong evidence that people who are self-aware are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. In fact, self-awareness might just be the meta-skill for the 21st century. Self-aware people are better students, make strong career decisions, and raise more mature children. Join New York Times best-selling author and researcher Tasha Eurich, PhD, on […]

Sell it on eBay: Kevin Boyd seminars

Whether you are just cleaning out your closets or want to start an eBay business, enrolling in the upcoming May 2016 Kevin Boyd eBay selling seminars are the quickest route to getting your stuff online and money in your pocket. Kevin comes to CFU from Seattle, where he is widely known as an eBay entrepreneurial guru. […]

UN-Job Presenter: Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson, MIBA.  For the past 9 years, Mr. Wilson has been a college professor conducting courses in business management, accounting, career skills and technology administration. He is highly sought for advising small businesses, non-profits, and individuals how to startup new businesses and careers. Most importantly, he developed the system and resources which has facilitated the […]

Career Change: Classes at CFU Help You Find the Way

Saturday morning Barbara Bradley Haggerty presented a story on NPR about career changes in mid-life.  Of course this story made me think of the many classes we offer at CFU that help people make the life changes they need or want to make and prepare for the next stages in their lives.  I won’t be […]

Get Ready: The CFU Un-Job Fair is Coming!

Back for it its seventh session on April 9, 2016, the CFU Un-Job Fair is fresher and better than ever.  Designed with the aspiring or established entrepreneur, this daylong, high-energy symposium gives you practical practical strategies and helpful tools for success in your business, as well as ideas for new ventures to launch. This year’s event […]

Small Business & Investing Seminars with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic comes to CFU this spring with his prosperity business and finance seminars.If you’ve ever met Paul at the UnJob Fair, you know what an amazing resource he is  for the small business owner/entrepreneur. You are probably already an expert at what you do. One of Paul’s most popular classes is teaching people how to […]

No More Starving Artists: Turn Your Crafts into Cash

The world needs creative people to follow their passions. Whether you’re a soapmaker, a felter, a furniture builder, or a glassblower, there may not be a better time than the present to follow your muse and make a living at it. Terri Belford comes to CFU with a resume of experience in the crafting business, going […]