December 14, 2017

Deb Flomberg: The Keys to Driving Business through the Web

Do You Need to Learn How to Drive Business through the Web? Does your business depend on driving business through the Web?  In this class at Colorado Free University in Denver, you can learn techniques to increase your visibility on the web and drive more traffic to your business. These highly effective online marketing tactics […]

Grant Writing and Other Nonprofit Skills: Lynn O’Connell Workshops

Grant writing skills are essential for nonprofits to succeed.  Lynn O’Connell  visits us to host workshops to gain nonprofit skills. Lynn’s classes are specifically designed for people who are interested in developing knowledge and skills to start or grow a nonprofit. Browse all Lynn’s classes here. 11/30/17–How to Start a Nonprofit.  Do you have a […]

Become a Mediator: 40-hour Mediation Training

Mediation training can be a terrific new career path as opportunities are increasing for trained mediators in many business and legal settings. But mediation skills are not only for professional mediators. Many people find that their careers and professional interactions benefit from what they learn in our professional mediation class (next date: October 18-24, 2017).  […]

Become a Leader in Your Nonprofit!

Denver is booming with nonprofits these days and you can boost your attractiveness in the field by honing your knowledge base and skill sets unique to nonprofit work. We’ve built a whole program of classes to help you out, including a certification program in nonprofit leadership and administration.  The cornerstone of this program are the […]

Become a Mediator: Comprehensive Mediation Training

Comprehensive Mediation Training takes place twice a year at CFU.  Join attorney, professional mediator and long-time mediation trainer, Jo-Marie Lisa, and professional mediator, Theresa Marrone, for  Become a Mediator week-long mediation training seminar this October 10-14.  Learn conflict resolution skills that can help you improve office dynamics and increase productivity, or work in the legal system, or […]

Get Your Grant Writing & Other Nonprofit Skills Up to Date This Summer with Lynn O’Connell

Perhaps you dream of starting a nonprofit, or maybe you already work for one. Either way, there is a lot to keep up on in this essential and burgeoning area of business. Take advantage this summer of the visit of Lynn O’Connell, one of CFU students’ favorite teachers, to enhance your nonprofit administration and leadership […]

Become a Life Coach!

Looking for a recession proof industry? Life coaching offers immense emotional and financial rewards that will give you the freedom, fulfillment, and deep purpose you crave in a career. This certification training delivers a professional standards education to ensure that you acquire skills, knowledge and the clear confidence you need to become an effective coach. […]

Five-Day Mediation Training begins Monday, Oct. 12

CFU’s Comprehensive Mediation Training meets the basic training guidelines recommended by the Colorado Council of Mediators and the Mediation Association of Colorado.  Attorney Jo-Marie Lisa and Mediator Theresa Maroney co-teach this workshop.  Learn the principles of mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, how the court system works, the ethics of mediation, and more.  Put the skills […]

Joyce Feustel: Social Media Instructor

Joyce Feustel founded Boomers’ Social Media Tutor in 2010.  She took advantage of Colorado Free University’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing to get up to speed on the various social media platforms.  Joyce has been teaching classes on Facebook and Pinterest since 2013.  Joyce graciously acknowledges CFU and President, Helen Hand, in her recent blog […]

Digital Marketing classes at CFU

Digital Marketing is a must for every business.  There are lots of options and no small business person has time to do it all.  Cut through the chatter and learn from experts in the field who work in the 9/16/15–Digital Marketing Overview 9/19/15–Use YouTube for Effective Marketing 9/22/15–All About Google: Free & Comprehensive Tools for […]