January 23, 2018

Meet the Amazing Lynn O’Connell! Nonprofit Classes & More!

Advocate of adult education and wonderfully talented teacher herself, Lynn O’ Connell will be here December 13-15, 2013 with a terrific line-up of her popular nonprofit classes, business classes–and one new offering as well! Lynn O’Connell has more than 20 years experience working in nonprofits and teaching adult education. Currently the executive director of Computer […]

Mediation Training–Become a Mediator!

Look here for future dates for all upcoming Mediation Trainings Many business owners or professionals can benefit from the skills employed by professional mediators and taught in a certified mediation training. Join professional mediator and long-time mediation trainer and consultant, Jo-Marie Lisa, for her Become a Mediator week-long mediation training seminar this October 14-15, 2013.  Learn […]