January 20, 2018

Saturday Spanish Immersion–March 1, 2014

Saturday Spanish Immersion is a terrific way for busy people to bump up their Spanish speaking skills in a short time.  Whether you are currently taking CFU Spanish classes and trying to push up to the next level or just need a quick refresher, this one-day commitment can help you achieve your language goals. The […]

Save 15% on Spanish Classes with 2014 Spanish 3-Pack

CFU members save 15% on tuition with the Spanish 3 Pack.  The Spanish 3 Pack is a great way to save money while advancing through our 5-week classes without a huge financial commitment upfront.  With the Spanish 3 Pack, CFU will issue three class vouchers to use for our 5-week classes or the Spanish Immersion […]

Winter Intensive Spanish Classes in Denver

Get a solid foundation in Spanish in just two weeks of daily classes at our Winter Intensive Spanish classes.   With a focus on both grammar and conversation you can immediately apply what you learn. Beginning level classes start on December 2nd and go for two weeks meeting from 9-12:15. The intensive format is popular with […]

Spanish Immersion Saturday

If the weather is just right (as it usually is at the end of September), you just might find one of our Spanish Immersion Saturday classes this weekend enjoying the breeze and sunshine on our south lawn while deep into a discussion en Español. On Saturday, September 28, 2013, we have three levels open in […]

Spanish Summer Intensive Classes Levels 5 & 6

Sign up now for Spanish Summer Intensive classes, levels 5-6. This is a recent addition to the summer intensive schedule and is not printed in our summer catalog.

The Level 5-6 intensive class focuses half on grammar and half on conversation and runs for two weeks in the mornings starting August 19.

Spanish Summer Intensive Classes!

CFU’s Spanish Center creates all kind of ways for people to take classes, like Spanish Summer Intensive classes. In addition to our regular weekly or bi-weekly 5-week classes, we provide more intensive experiences. The summer intensive programs have been enormously popular with folks who have the time in their summer schedules to study in a more […]

Spanish Immersion Day in Denver

The Spanish Immersion Day in Denver is an excellent way for you to solidify what you are learning in the weekly Spanish classes.  It’s also a great way to reactivate your Spanish if you haven’t practiced or taken any classes for awhile.  In a relaxed environment, you are able to work on your Spanish skills […]

Denver Spanish Classes– Winter Intensive Course

Advance to a higher level of Spanish in just two weeks of daily Denver Spanish classes at Colorado Free University.  Our popular intensive format is now offered from December 3-14 with options for beginner and intermediate level students.  The classes cover key grammar topics in the morning and then are followed by another session where you can practice and solidify what you learned […]

Design Your Own Spanish Immersion in Denver

As a veteran of six foreign language immersions, I can attest totheir effectivness in acquiring a new language. I also know the sacrifices that are required to live and travel abroad.  Denver offers ample opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language.  By combining formal and informal education, you can accelerate your learning.    Here are five ideas that worked for me […]

Summer Intensive Spanish Classes in Denver

Colorado Free University’s Summer Intensive Spanish course allows you to accelerate your learning with a daily format.  The course offers three hours of Spanish lessons Monday through Friday over a four-week period.  The class sessions cover key grammar topics in the morning session and then are followed by another session where you can practice and solidify what you learned in the previous lesson. The […]