December 9, 2019

Building Your Nonprofit Skills & Strategies: With Lynn O’Connell

Anyone in the nonprofit world will get great benefit from these nonprofit workshops on  December 19 & 20, 2019.  If you are building your own nonprofit or working for a nonprofit organization, you are by definition someone who cares. CFU supports those in the nonprofit sector with our nonprofit workshops. Lynn O’Connell’s workshops are the […]

Peter J. Hughes: Thanksgiving Is Not Just a Holiday, It’s a Way of Life

Peter J. Hughes writes in his Vibe Tune-Up Newsletter:  “Living in a constant state of appreciation is not easy, it will challenge us at times in ways we are not able to sustain the connection. Likewise, living in a constant state of appreciation is simple, and will pay off at times in ways beyond what […]

10 Common Real Estate Terms Explained

Long before I got into real estate, I bought my first home and pretty quickly felt overwhelmed. It can be a long process with a lot of decisions and a lot of money. Since this will likely be the largest purchase you ever make, you need to enter the process informed. For that reason, I’m […]

Understanding Electricity in Your Everyday Life

Electricity is everywhere! Understanding electricity in your everyday life is an important part of electrical and fire safety. Do you think 20 volts can kill you? How about 12V? 400V? Actually, 40V is the typical “dividing line” between safer lower voltages and dangerous higher voltages. However, whether a voltage will hurt or even kill you […]

The Fine Art of Small Talk: Top 10 Thanksgiving Conversation Landmines

Thanksgiving can mean the ideal family get together or a day of awkward moments, uncomfortable silences, and eruptions of family feuds. Here are Debra Fine’s Top 10 Conversation Landmines for the upcoming holiday season for mastering the fine art of small talk: 1. “Are you two ever going to get married?” Most of us mothers […]

Ethical Will: Leaving your Legacy

Creating an Ethical Will is a terrific way to understand ourselves and to share what we find. Often people will say, “My children/spouse know my values,” but it is so important to really help our loved ones understand what really matters to us. During the process of preparing the Ethical Will (EW), we step into […]

Update Your Career

Are you stuck in a career that doesn’t meet your needs? Do you feel undervalued in your job? Is your life in transition and you need to find a new path? Are you ready for retirement, but not ready to stop earning? It may be time to update your career! CFU offers a number of […]

Make Money and Grow Money: Paul Mladjenovic Prosperity Workshops

Make money and grow money with Paul Mladjenovic’s seminars.  Paul travels to Denver from New Jersey to offer his wealth-building seminars. Paul returns to Colorado from New Jersey this October, 2019 to teach six investing and entrepreneur classes. If you’ve never seen Paul speak, you are in for a treat. Paul teaches solid investment strategies […]

Spanish Immersion Courses

The best way to jump start your language skills is with Spanish immersion courses. Instructor, Cecilia Gowins, explains that CFU’s Spanish Intensive classes are an efficient way for students to learn the language. Students study for three hours a day for two weeks. Each day, concepts of grammar are taught and then there is plenty […]

High Impact Photography: Capture the Moments That Count

High impact photography is about “documenting what others can’t see.” That is the passion behind the career of independent video producer and photojournalist, Sonya Doctorian. For over 25 years, Sonya has helped capture the spirit of communities, from the gravity of war zones to the heart of presidential campaigns. She has worked as a photo […]