July 19, 2019

Why Podcasting is the Way to Share Your Message with the World in 2019

by Michael Amidei You have a message. A point of view. You have something to say and that the world needs to hear. You have engaging stories to tell; you are following your own inquisitive nature into a particular topic. You feel a deep passion for something and want to share it with others. You […]

Why You Need a Business Plan

Business plans serve many purposes for all sizes and types of businesses.  Just because a business is small does not mean it doesn’t need a business plan and likewise, if a company already has a business plan updates are always good.  Your Business Plan Is Your Roadmap Like a roadmap, a business plan serves as […]

Find Your Next Career

Encore…an additional act. Are you ready for your encore career–your next career? Whether you’ve retired from a long career, are returning to the workforce after being away for a while, or are in transition and need a change, you want your next career to be a fulfilling one. The foundation for an encore career includes […]

Teaching in Denver: Joyce Feustel Shares about Colorado Free University

Consider Teaching Classes at Colorado Free University I encourage Denver-area professionals to consider teaching in Denver at Colorado Free University (CFU). This adult education center has been offering quality, affordable, skill-based and enrichment classes for adults since 1987. My first experience was taking a class at CFU in 1999 when I needed to brush up […]

Social Media Training & Online Marketing

Colorado Free University is where you can get social media training from instructors who are in the field themselves. We recognize that many of the folks who take classes at CFU are small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs.  We have put together a great selection of social media training  and online marketing. These days, you […]

Alternative Approaches to Illness

Is “A Pill For Every Ill” The Only Way To Handle Chronic Illness? Do you find yourself wondering about alternative approaches to illness? A foundational tenet of modern medical research is to find a single drug which reverses a particular disease process, without producing any negative side effects. This is the so-called “Magic Bullet”. Another […]

Building Your Nonprofit Skills & Strategies: With Lynn O’Connell

Anyone in the nonprofit world will get great benefit from these nonprofit workshops on  June 20-June 22, 2019.  If you are building your own nonprofit or working for a nonprofit organization, you are by definition someone who cares. CFU supports those in the nonprofit sector with our nonprofit workshops. Lynn O’Connell’s workshops are the cornerstone […]

Set the Scene: Writing About Place

One of the main tricks to writing about place in a compelling way is to adhere to the old adage, “show, don’t tell.” There is nothing as magical as a great piece of writing that transports the reader to another place and time. In a very real way, writing that resonates so strongly with the […]

Travel Hacks to Get You on the Road

Travel hacks refers to ways to save money traveling. If you are eager to hit the road and want to know how you can pay for it check out these awesome workshops with traveler extraordinaire, Gina Henry. Gina Henry is a professional full-time traveler. All her life she wanted to travel, see the world, explore […]

Being a Creative Entrepreneur: Make a Living as a Creative

How to Start Thinking Like a Creative Entrepreneur! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you probably started your journey out of passion for your art. Maybe you specialize in macramé, teaching yoga, or sewing the best damn alpaca sweaters on the planet.   On the other side of the spectrum, there are entrepreneurs who focus less […]