January 22, 2018

Cybersecurity for Your Business: Information No Business Person Should Overlook!

chris-murphySo you’re starting a business.  You’ve signed up for all the classes and are on track:  Business Plan – check; Marketing approach – check; Sales model – check.  But what’s missing?

Do you understand how to protect your business information, keeping it confidential, maintaining its integrity, and always having it available?  Even if your business has nothing to do with the internet or digital anything, if you plan to use a computer and/or smartphone as part of your venture (and how can you not?), you must learn how to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber-attacks that are on the rise against small businesses.

Even if you’re not concerned about becoming a victim of ransomware (and chances are extremely high you will be), do you have a strategy for if your computer breaks down?  What steps and at what cost would it take to get you back in business?  Answers to these and other data related questions are answered in “Cybersecurity for Businesses,” taught by computer security expert Chris Murphy.  The class will show the areas that small business owners need to focus on to better maintain security related to their business information.