January 22, 2018

Digital Marketing Classes & Trainings

One of the areas we get the most calls about is our programs in digital marketing. It is a hugely growing, rapidly changing landscape which just cannot be ignored by anyone in business today. Luckily, we are always working with professionals and teachers to offer classes in the vanguard of the changes, including in-depth training for those who want to become social media marketing managers.

Browse our digital and social media marketing classes and see what we’ve got to offer.  Sign up for a class or two in topics that most interest you (or bewilder you) and bump up your businesses marketing–like Facebook business pages or using email with a social media response feature. You can pick and choose, here and there, to build your strategies.

But you can also get a terrific overview of this field by taking classes towards one of our online marketing certificates.

Whichever you might be interested in, here are some online marketing classes coming up in the near future:

March 12, 2014: Twitter, Blogging, and Lawsuits: Intro to Online Marketing Law  Learn the dos and don’ts of SM in terms of the law.

March 14 & 15, 2014 brings Jennifer Hilburn, owner of Six Degrees Digital Marketing and CFU’s consultant for social media manager certification programs to Denver from her home base in southwestern Colorado.  Jennifer Hilburn teaches a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year, but two of her classes, Digital Marketing Overview on March 14 and Digital Marketing Strategy on March 15, are core to most business needs and certifications.

Also on March 15, 2014, Evon Davis, a published local author and entrepreneurs teaches  Blogging Basics: Hands-On Training. A blog can be a fantastic way to drive new customers to your business. This workshop is hands-on in our computer labs and you’ll leave with a Blogger site set up.

Also on March 15, 2014, Brad Friedman teachers Hootsuite: Managing Your Social Media.  I find that a lot of people don’t realize that there are “tools” like Hootsuite that they can use to manage multiple online marketing platforms. Brad is great at explaining how easy and time saving Hootsuite can be.

On March 16, 3014, you must learn to Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile if you haven’t already. Lindsey Day is a career counselor for a major university in town and her LinkedIn profile is in the top 1% of all viewed profiles. She’ll tell you in class herself, but she achieved this simply by doing all the simple steps she outlines in her class.

Have you checked out Pinterest? It’s one of the hottest social media sites but lots of students tell us they don’t know how to leverage it for business marketing. Joing Joyce Feusetel on March 20, 2014 for Using Pinterest for Online Marketing.

Another fantastic platform for marketing is YouTube. Find out how you can go viral–or at least get some marketing tools that make sense for your business up there.  Next class :  March 22, 2014, Use YouTube for Effective Marketing with Deborah Flomberg.

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  1. Hello Laura, I had some questions regarding the Social Media, Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit certifications. Are you the dean for the certification programs?
    One of my questions is; Can I test out of a class, if I have proficiency or experience in a particular area.
    Thank you,

    • Eileen,
      Our classes and certification programs do not use any testing, so the short answer is no, you cannot test out of a topic. We are an independent adult education center (rather than a traditional university with grades, admission requirements, etc) and our certification programs are more like “tracks” to help guide people to a selection of classes that can be beneficial for personal or business advancement in these fields, rather than strictly graded courses of study to earn degrees. You are not required to take every class in the program in order to complete a certificate, so I hope that you could find other classes that supplement your interest but fulfill the numbers of classes required for a certificate. The one exception might be the Social Media Manager Certification program, as this is more of a job training track for people who are interested in working in the field and requires participants to do a 40-hour internship that is evaluated by a consultant in the field for prior to issuing a certificate. I realize this may sound confusing, so feel free to give us a call here at CFU (you can even ask to speak to me), and let us learn more about your needs and interests and we can advise your more specifically.