February 22, 2018

Finding a Job

Finding a job classes at Colorado Free UniversityFinding a job can be overwhelming.  Classes at Colorado Free University can help you with the whole process, from determining what job you want to creating a resume and acing your interview.  Save yourself time and stress by taking advantage of affordable expert help.

Finding a Job: What Job Do You Want?

Before finding a job, you have to know what job you want.  In this class, you will step back and work Lindsay Hayes--Discover Your Dream Jobthrough a process that will help you zero in on what job or career would be a good fit for you, then create your plan to pursue it.  Discover Your Dream Job: Using Your Interests to Develop Your Career is taught by Lindsay Hayes, a certified global career development facilitator and career and education advisor.

Another way to get help finding a job is through the independent study courses, Career Search: Learn What Suits You Best.  Find out where you really belong by taking a series of four tests to evaluate your interests (Strong Interest Inventory); personality (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator); abilities (Discover What You Are Best At); aptitudes, achievements, skills, talents, and temperament; and your likes, dislikes, and competencies. You will complete activities in a workbook and discuss with the instructor, Carol Zeleny, MEd

Finding a Job: Resumes and Interviews

There are a plethora of materials available to help people in finding a job.  You can search online for Chris Murphy--Get that Job!information on writing résumés and preparing for interviews.  But getting the inside scoop from one who sits on the hiring end of the table is invaluable. Chris Murphy, a manager with over 20 years of hiring experience, shares his insights on how to get in the door with a résumé that stands apart from the rest, and then how to nail the interview. Discuss examples of résumés that made the cut, get the keys to a strong interview, and make sure you know the “dos and don’ts” of searching for a job.Get That Job! Attention-Getting Interviews & Outstanding Interviews

Career Possibilities

Colorado Free University offers a number of classes that give you the opportunity to check out different careers, before you set out finding a job.

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Exploring Mediation as a Career

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Careers in World Travel: Become a Tour Guide or Tour Director

CFU’s Program in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration

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