January 23, 2018

Grant Writing and Other Nonprofit Skills with Lynn O’Connell

Lynn O’Connell

Grant writing skills are essential for nonprofits to succeed.  Being able to write winning grants is a highly-sought after skill. All of us have dreams and passions, both in our professional lives and as members of our communities, but it takes money to make those dreams a reality. This workshop will teach you the techniques you need to get the necessary funding to carry out your inspiration. Learn to write a good proposal and ways to make your proposal stand out. Discover the six common reasons that grant decision-makers decline a proposal. Identify 10 strategies that will make your proposal stand out above others, and learn how to write the seven basic parts of a proposal. 

This super popular one-day grant writing seminar is a crash course in grant writing. With so many nonprofits jockeying for a finite amount of funding, this workshop can help you move to the front of the pack. It’s also a great skill to add to your resume if you are looking for work at a nonprofit.  There is no more affordable workshop in grant writing in Denver.  See the dates for CFU’s grant writing classes here and get registered.

Lynn O’Connell has worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years. As a consultant, she writes proposals for both nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She is executive director of Computer C.O.R.E. , giving low-income adults technological and professional skills needed to pursue their career aspirations. She is editor of two publications for nonprofit professionals, Development Director’s Letter and WealthEngine News. Lynn holds a certificate in nonprofit management from Duke University as well as a Master’s in philanthropy from Indiana University.

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