January 23, 2018

Keys to Nonprofit Success

Lynn O'Connell

Lynn O’Connell

Lynn O’Connell is an experienced nonprofit manager, consultant and trainer.  She offers five workshops here at Colorado Free University that are the backbone of our Nonprofit Administration and Leadership program.

Read what students say about Lynn:

“Excellent instructor!”

“Amazing background; wealth of information.”

“Very informative.  Passionate about topic.”

“I enjoy her energy.  She is very knowledgeable and skilled.”

“I want more classes from Lynn!  Her experiences are broad-based and inspirational.”

See what Lynn offers this visit to Denver:

12/4/14–The 3 R’s of Volunteers:  Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition
12/4/14–Building Your Nonprofit for the Future:  Strategic Planning that Works
12/4/14–How to Create a Business Plan that Works
12/5/14–Become a Grant Writer
12/6/14–How to Start a Nonprofit Organization