January 23, 2018

Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: with Debra Fine

Lots of people dread networking events and other professional interaction because they simply aren’t sure what to talk about — or how to get a conversation going in the first place. But networking is just another name for the small talk we all use everyday to start conversations and keep them going. And the good thing about being bad at networking is–you can easily learn simple, tried-and-true skills to overcome it.

And Debra Fine is just the person to teach you how on March 9, 2017 for Mastering the FINE Art of Small Talk. In a comfortable atmosphere, you’ll learn simple but priceless skills to help you start conversations gracefully, make a good impression, avoid awkward silences, and exit the conversation with ease. And you will have a chance to practice with your classmates.

Debra, a former engineer, has been teaching people good small talk skills for over two decades. In fact, Debra has taught thousands of people, from Fortune 500 CEO’s to solo-preneurs, how to become more confident casual conversationalists, whether at in business networking situations, school functions, holiday parties–you name it.