January 20, 2018

Master the FINE Art of Small Talk: with Debra Fine

Just in time for the holidays, gain helpful conversation skills.  If you’ve ever dreaded a networking event, or felt awkward at a holiday party, this workshop is just what you need.  December 5, 2017– Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: Make the Most of Mingling This Holiday Season.

This class is a fun, interactive, low-pressure opportunity to learn invaluable small talk skills that you can put to work immediately.  You’ll learn how to start conversations, keep them going, and exit them with grace.

Over the many years Debra Fine has been offering this class at CFU, we’ve heard nothing but praise for how helpful and enjoyable the class is. Participants rave that in just 2 1/2 hours they get a whole new perspective and get down-to-earth practical skills to navigate social situations effectively and happily.

Debra Fine is a former engineer who turned her talents to helping others develop confidence in their social skills, namely small talk. Debra has built her small talk seminar into a successful business that includes several best-selling books and an international speaking circuit, including corporate trainings at many Fortune 500 companies. 

Join Debra on December 5, 2017 and become a small talk survivor!