January 22, 2018

Master the Art of Small Talk: Debra Fine

Debra Fine Headshot 1If you’ve never taken Debra Fine’s Master the Fine Art of Small Talk seminar, she is a terrific, funny, inspiring speaker and her seminar is packed full of useful tips on improving your communication and networking skills.

Not just for wallflowers, the Fine Art of Small Talk is helpful for anyone–from CEOs to customer service reps–learn how to easily engage in conversation, move conversation along, and then exit gracefully without awkward pauses or foot-in-mouth disease.  And really, isn’t that what good networking is all about? Smooth, memorable interaction that reinforces this is someone you’d like to do business with or meet again.

Debra will be at CFU teaching Master the Fine Art of Small Talk on Wednesday, March 8, 2016 from 6-8:30pm.  She only gives her seminar locally a couple times of year, so be sure to sign up soon!