January 22, 2018

Comprehensive Mediation Training–April 2014

jo mare lisa

Jo-Marie Lisa

Look here for future dates for all upcoming Mediation Trainings

Twice a year, CFU hosts a 40-hour, comprehensive mediation training on April 7-11, 2014 with respected local mediator and trainer Jo-Marie Lisa. This one week course teaches approaches to problem solving, interest-based negotiation, and  about professional standards of conduct for mediators.

Not just for those individuals planning to go into mediation as a career, CFU’s comprehensive mediation training can add enormously beneficial skills to those in other careers such as real estate, education, religious leadership and law, among others. Knowing how to help conflicting parties reach consensus can help all sorts of professional negotiations.

Completion of this workshop meets the basic training guidelines recommended by the Colorado Council of Mediators and the Mediation Association of Colorado. Students who successfully complete it will be granted a certificate of training completion.

Jo-Marie owns Bear Wolf Consulting and has been preparing people to go into the field of mediation for over a decade.  Join her for the upcoming Become a Mediator: Comprehensive Training, April 7-11, 2014.

Look here for future dates for all upcoming Mediation Trainings

Hear what students say about Jo-Marie and the course:

“[Jo-Marie was] invested, well-versed, appreciates a challenge…JO thank you for your professional and personal touch” — A.

“Jo Marie is incredible! Yay!! Loved the class” — C. C.

“Jo was great, explained well the different situations, options. I feel that I understand mediation better…what it will take. It has given me confidence.” — M L.

“I thought [Jo-Marie Lisa] was wonderful. She is warm, personable & open to the class. Very knowledgeable & informative. I feel like I have all the skills I need to begin volunteering next week.” — anon

“Jo Marie did a very nice job of balancing the depth of the course material, she has a calm and wise presence & did a nice job of sharing her information & experience with the class.” — R. G.

Student gained from the training  “the knowledge and concepts needed to begin to understand the mediation process. Also, the methods for handling situations in mediation.” — R. W.


  1. Lisa Bolton says:

    Can you give me the dates if the next Mediation Certificatiion class.
    Thank you