January 20, 2018

Explore Other Possibilities–Metaphysics at CFU

Gifted intuitive Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

Gifted intuitive Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

Metaphysics is the exploration of the nature and purpose of being.  Classes at CFU give you an opportunity to dip into a variety of perspectives.  Whether you are firm in your beliefs or are just curious about different possibilities, you’ll find these classes worth your while.

April 8, 2015–All About Numerology 1 3 8 4 7 9 2 5 6   Numerology is succinct, powerful, and fun. Jodi Stevenson works through one aspect of numerology that can tell you what you have accomplished in past lives, whether or not you have created karmic debts and/or karmic learning’s and, perhaps most importantly, what you are here to accomplish this life time.

April 12, 2015–Spirit Reading & Psychic Brilliance with Karen Storsteen.  Karen’s gives participants an opportunity to experience spirit readings and to understand what communication with the spirit world is all about.

April 12, 2015–Medical Intuitive Touch:  A Hands-On Introduction to reading the body.  The muscles and joints in the body may hold information about the state of our health. Halen Terra gives you an introduction to unique system by “reading” the body’s energies and interpreting the messages you receive.

Halen Terra, masseuse and intuitive healer.

Halen Terra, masseuse and intuitive healer.

April 12, 2015–Introduction to KabbalahTami Harms introduces you to Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism that has the ability to transform the lives of those who choose to embrace its wisdom.

Starts April 12, 2015 (4 weeks)–A Simpler Way to Reading the Tarot.   Learn to give a variety of tarot card readings with an easy method developed by the instructor, Rochelle Fisher of Yoga of the Mind.

April 25, 2015–Introduction to Animal Communication.    Animal communication is the act of telepathically communicating or ‘talking’ with animals.  Danielle Tremblay explains what this work is about, who can do this work, and what animals say through presented case studies in the realm of behavior, health, deceased pets, lost pets and relationships.  Participants are welcome to bring photos of deceased pets to class.


  1. Drew Lewis says:

    I am very interested in learning more about metaphysics and the great deal there is to learn. When are your classes going to be this year? Is there any meetings going on at this time of year?

    Thank you,

    Drew Lewis