January 20, 2018

Voice-Over Training: Bill Smith in Denver

Have you been told you have a great voice?  If you have a bit of performer in you, but don’t necessarily want to jump on stage, voice-over can be a fun avenue for performance that might also lead to supplemental income. Voice-over is a production technique where a voice, that is not part of the […]

Explore, Experience and Grow!

CFU provides a wide range of opportunities for you to Explore, Experience and Grow!  You can take just a few hours out of your day or evening and hop into a class that can bring new energy and perspective to your life.  Check out a few of our upcoming courses. 8/6/15–Improv for Everybody:  Get Out […]

A Brief Note On Healing by Olivia Lundberg, CRMT

Did you know a cold or any other physical malady can be created by stuck energy or blocks in your aura due to a false belief or repressed emotion? For example, Louise Hay, in her book, Heal Your Body, suggests that having too much going on in your life can create a cold.  To-do lists […]

Step Off the Beaten Path

You’ve got to step out of your routine from time to time to keep yourself fresh.  You lose your edge if it’s all work and no play.  CFU has just the thing! 1/21 & 1/28/15–Self-Hypnosis Immersion.   Learn what hypnosis is and how it can unlock the potential of your innate abilities. Starts 1/23/15 (4 weeks)–Discovering […]

Classes to start your New Year right!

At CFU we offer a wide range of classes to  help you start your New Year right!  CFU has all your bases covered for 2015, whether your goals are personal or professional.  See all of the January classes or browse through a sampling of what we have coming up: Health and Wellness: 1/8/15–Clean Living:  Managing […]

Breathe Your Way to Health By: Joanne Thompson

Breathe Your Way to Health By: Joanne Thompson Yoga, which includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation, reduces stress because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When we’re under stress our bodies are designed to secrete hormones that give us the energy to “escape”. Being chased by a tiger comes to mind. But, what […]

World Hypnotism Day–January 4, 2015

Have you ever wondered what hypnosis is, how it feels, or what it might be able to help you with? January 4, 2015 is the date when professional hypnotists around the world share their expertise and promote the truths and benefits of hypnotism. Join well-known local hypnotists and hypnotherapy instructors, Lynsi & Drake Eastburn, for […]

Learning to Love Your Body? Shift Your Perspective! By Olivia Lundberg, CRMT

How many of us can honestly say that we love every part of our bodies? All people have their off-days, as I too struggle with this simple concept. Many of us attempt to change our body’s appearance during our lives. We internalize society’s call to consumerism, believing that we are somehow inadequate without the latest […]