January 22, 2018

CFU spring course catalog is out! See the new classes now

See all the new classes in the CFU spring course catalog now.  Get a jump start on registering.  The new catalog will be available in racks around town soon and in your mailboxes within a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, you can browse through the flip book version to look at the full listing […]

Making Money from Thrifting: Saturday September 19

Do you love browsing thrift stores?  Then you know that there are a bounty of treasures within those funky shops.  This weekend is the last chance to take “Make Money from Trifting: Modern Day Treasure-Hunting” here at CFU.  This fun, action packed class starts in the classroom for a couple of hours where you’ll learn […]

Investing in Your Future: Classes to Make You Money Smart

  8/1/15–Women & Wealth: Take Charge of Your Financial Future  This seminar for women will enable you to gain a clear picture of your current financial situation; set realistic goals and objectives; understand different investment strategies to create a secure financial future. 8/15/15–Introduction to Real Estate Investing  Gain an overview on essentials of residential real estate investing, including […]

Investing Know-How for the Long Haul [UPDATED]

Investing in the stock marketing can be intimidating.  If you don’t have money to spare, it can feel risky to invest in stocks.  Bobbie Christensen has developed a safe, low-risk strategy for building long term security.  She will show you how to take just $50 a month and build a portfolio that will be worth […]

Live Long and Prosperity Workshops with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic’s goal is to help you prosper.  On his website, he explains: “Passive wealth-building means that you make your money and assets work harder for you! This includes utilizing investments such as stocks, ETFs, etc. and related vehicles and financial strategies to increase your prosperity.” “Active wealth-building means that you actively use your time, […]

Your computer held for ransom, by Chris Murphy

Don’t let your computer held for ransom! With only spotty coverage in the press, the biggest focus being on large companies such as Sony or Home Depot, you might not be aware that there is a rapidly increasing risk to your personal computers known as “Ransomware.” For an excellent real-world summary of what it is, […]

Classes to start your New Year right!

At CFU we offer a wide range of classes to  help you start your New Year right!  CFU has all your bases covered for 2015, whether your goals are personal or professional.  See all of the January classes or browse through a sampling of what we have coming up: Health and Wellness: 1/8/15–Clean Living:  Managing […]

Find Prosperity with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic calls himself a “raving capitalist”.  Having immigrated to the U.S. from Poland as a child, he cherishes the opportunities that we have in this country to take control of our own financial destinies.  He offers a range of classes that help people create both active and passive income–through work and through investments.  A […]

Basics of Building Wealth with Bobbie Christensen

Bobbie Christensen is an expert on safely building wealth to secure your future financial needs. She  the author of 10 published books including “Top 50 Best Stock Investments” and “Adding To Your Financial Portfolio”.  She travels the country giving seminars on investing for people who don’t necessarily have large amounts to invest, but want to […]

Tips for Women Facing Retirement Alone

TIPS FOR WOMEN FACING RETIREMENT ALONE It happens all too often. A woman suddenly finds herself staring into the uncertainty of her financial future due to divorce or the death of her spouse. She may be saving everything she can, but there’s no way for her to understand or figure out if she will have […]