January 20, 2018

New Adult Education Classes: 2016

Adult Education Classes abound at CFU!  We’ve programmed almost 600 classes for adults in the first 3 months of 2016.  CFU is your place to learn new skills, enrich your life, explore a talent, or enhance your business.  Denver’s premier lifelong learning center, CFU has been offering quality, affordable adult education since 1987.

We are constantly adding new courses to our offerings.  Check out some of what’s new this winter:

Meditation Explorer  Sample a variety of meditation techniques so that you can find what works best for you.

Comics Aren’t Just For Kids: Getting Started in Comics and Graphic Novels  Learn the process of creating a comic book or a graphic novel.  Find out what collaborators you might need and the directions you can take your project.

Self-Publishing: Ins and Outs, Pros and Cons  Explore the options for publishing and marketing your work.

How to Tame the Self-Critic and Embrace Self-Love  Understand where your negative self-talk comes from and find out how to make room for positive messages and self-acceptanceic.

Become a Game Developer: 2-D Video Game Design  Start simple with basic game development skills, so that you can go on to design games of interest.

Unlock the Power of Pinterest for Digital Marketing  Pinterest has more and more followers all the time.  It has tremendous potential as a marketing tool for your business.

Seed Starting with Soil Blocks  Soil blocks are a great way to get your seedlings started during the cold months of winter so that they’ll be happy and ready to go into your garden come spring.

Assessing Your Investing Risk Tolerance to Personalize Your Portfolio  Determine your particular risk tolerance score so that you can use that as a guide for balancing your investment portfolio.

Building a Social Media Business  Find out what it takes to hang your shingle as a social media manager.

Secrets to Great iPhone Photography  Most folks use cell phones for their travel photography these days.  Learn from a professional travel writer and photographer how to take the best shots.

7 Secrets to Get You Un-stuck from the Muck: How to Live Deliciously!   Discover how to get yourself out of your way and fall in love with your life again

Get Golf Ready: An Indoor Course for Beginners  During the dark and cold of winter, you can practice basic golf skills so that you’ll be ready to hit the links in the spring.

The Art of the Parody Song:  From Concept to Performance  Parody songs are a favorite on YouTube and can be a great way to honor (or roast) family or colleagues.

Advanced Grant Proposal Writing with Lynn O’Connell  CFU’s favorite Lynn O’Connell has added this new class to help folks who have taken her beginning grant writing class to take their skills to the next level.

Building and Developing the Best Board with Lynn O’Connell   Lynn adds this new class to help those working in the nonprofit sector to succeed.

Breaking Through Your Barriers to Success with NLP  Neurolinguistic Programming is a powerful tool for changing attitudes and expectations.

The Myth of the Starving Artist: 21 Ways to Turn Your Crafts into Cash  Find out how you can actually make money with your art.

In addition to these new courses, we have a wide array of classes that have brought value to CFU students for some time.  Browse all of the lifelong learning classes that we offer here.  If you are interested in learning Spanish check out our Spanish classes here.  And see all of our hands-on CompuSkills Computer Training classes here.

Make 2016 a classy year at CFU!